December 6, 2023
Governor Jay Inslee's Office reported that approximately 400,000 families in Washington should qualify for the working families tax credit.

Governor Jay Inslee’s Office reported that approximately 400,000 families in Washington should qualify for the “working families tax credit” — a new tax rebate this year — which provides up to $1,200 per household.
The tax credit is in response to the expiration of federal pandemic-boosted tax credits last year, meaning the state of Washington is picking up the slack by creating its own family tax credit, starting this year.
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So far, around 150,000 have applied, including single mother Joelle Craft.
“I don’t always have a steady income as a pet sitter. This was such a huge relief to know that with this tax credit, I’m going to be okay that month,” Joelle Craft told KIRO Newsradio.
Craft currently works as a gig worker to support her children, and stated this will help her be able to continue to live in this area amid rising costs and inflation.
“I don’t want to be pushed out just because I am a lower-based worker,” she continued.
The last-minute tax returns sent on Tuesday do not include the bigger child tax credits allowed the previous year because of the pandemic. Georgetown University Professor Bradley Hardy stated that the specific credit greatly boosted families and cut down on child hunger and poverty.
“The child tax credit contributed greatly to a historic reduction in poverty and we also saw historic reductions in food hardship,” Hardy said. “But I think you have a lot of advocates and policymakers pushing for this to be reinstated.”
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If eligible, you must file a separate application with the state to receive the credit, which you can do as soon as you file your tax return.
Check the requirements and apply for the new working families tax credit on the state Department of Revenue web page.