Why do I Phones use the HEIC file type?

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HEIC to PNG conversion does not require you to be a techie, and there are many methods to choose from. However, unlike HEIC to JPG conversion, PNG has more limitations.

This may require you to take further action or turn to third-party applications. However, this could change with one of the future iOS updates.

Can I automatically save images as PNG instead of HEIC?

The quick answer is no, you can’t. There is an iPhone trick to change camera and photo settings, but this won’t get you PNG files. The formats you can automate include JPG and HEIC only.On the other hand, you can export HEIC files as PNGs, but this is not the same as auto-saving as PNG. And even if you use third-party software, you still need to tell the app which images to convert.

One way or another, automatic conversions on iOS and macOS devices require administrative permissions to access native Apple apps. At the time of this writing, they are available to Apple developers and a handful of third-party companies.

Therefore, this can only be resolved with a major software update.

Why do iPhones use the HEIC file type?

The main reason why Apple went with the HEIC format is the balance between image size and quality. That is, HEIC compression protocols allow you to take high-quality, high-resolution images that don’t take up a lot of space. And the benefits are multiple.

First of all, you’re not likely to use up all of your I Phone’s memory after a few days of careless clicking. So image transfers, especially over wireless protocols, are much faster. This also allows you to store or back up more pictures to your I Cloud account without having to purchase additional space. Of course, the HEIC format is not perfect, but it is relatively new. Over time, you can expect convert heic to jpg conversions to become a native option for all operating systems. And until then, you need to find third-party software that works well for you.

Are third party converters safe?

If you know what to look for, third-party converters are perfectly safe. As mentioned, if you choose a web client to convert, it’s important not to share your credentials with the site.

Also, you are uploading the images to third party servers and they should not keep your images after downloading. The situation is similar to the applications you install on your computer or smart phone, except that you need to share your credentials.

But regardless, the conversion should happen locally on your computer or smartphone. And the app developer should not have access to your images or keep them on their servers.

Conversion here, conversion there, conversion everywhere

Despite the limitations, the HEIC format is there to make taking and managing images faster and more efficient. Currently, there is more than enough support to convert HEIC to any other format you need. And hopefully Apple will soon include a native converter to make things even easier.

What is your favorite image format? How often do you need to convert images to PNG or any other format?

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