What is the due date?

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What is the due date?

The due date is the date on which a debt must be repaid. 

How many days do I have to pay?

All invoices have a due date and you usually have 30 days to pay, but some companies may require payment within 10, 14, or 15 days. 

If the due date falls on a public holiday, it is sufficient that the money is with the recipient on the next banking day. 

If you have difficulty paying within the set time, you can in some cases have the due date brought forward. 

Sometimes interest is added to the extra payment period, but many companies are usually able to make exceptions if you contact their customer service.

What happens if I do not pay before the due date?

If you pay the invoice via eg bank transfer, the transfer usually takes at least a weekend weekday to arrive, and if you make the payment on the due date, the money will arrive late. 

Usually, this does not have any consequences, but you may receive a delayed interest on a separate invoice.

If you refrain from paying completely, the case can go on to debt collection and the Enforcement Officer, which in the end can mean many extra fees and payment remarks.

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