What is Powerball Power Play?

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Often when we talk about the latest Powerball lottery draws and results, we mention the optional game option that is Power Play. In addition to the Powerball Guide that we have already published, this time we will see what Power Play is and what it is for, a secondary prize multiplier, and the many advantages of adding this option when buying Powerball online .How is Powerball Power Play played?

The term “Power Play” comes from a sport: ice hockey, in which Power Play is a numerical superiority of players from one team over the other, in case a player has been penalized and sent to the bench. Logically, the opposing team takes advantage of this numerical superiority, or “Power Play” to press more. This term has become common in the United States, although the term Power Play is used in a different way for the Powerball lottery:

The Powerball Power Play began to be used in the American lottery since 2001 and serves, in a nutshell, to multiply the winnings of the players who match the secondary prize divisions, that is, those who do not win the first prize yet have a chance to win huge lottery prizes.

Powerball Power Play: How does it work?

Power Play is an optional feature of the 파워볼 전용사이트 lottery that can double the prize of the second division of the Powerball or multiply x3, x4, x5 or x10 times the rest of the prize divisions. This feature is optional and is not automatically included with the purchase of your US Powerball tickets, however, and thanks to the otter, you can add this secondary prize multiplier feature at the time you are purchasing your US Powerball tickets. online Powerball. The Power Play number is drawn from a separate drum that includes 42 or 43 balls. The Power Play will be drawn immediately after choosing the main numbers and the Powerball. Each ball has a number that represents the number of times the prize will be multiplied. For example, there are 13 balls with the number “x3”, this means that if one of the 13 balls with that multiplier is chosen, anyone who has added the Power Play option to their ticket will see their secondary prize multiplied three times in the Powerball results times.

To better understand how Power Play works, let’s review the points below:

The Power Play number is defined by an RNG (in Spanish: Random Number Generator) before starting each draw.

  • The Power Play does not affect the Powerball first prize in any way.
  • Powerball Power Play numbers are drawn based on a range of 1-5.
  • The Power Play will multiply by 3, 4, 5 or 10 the prizes lower than the second prize.
  • The x10 multiplier is not valid if the Powerball first prize is greater than $150 million.


The number drawn determines how many times the secondary prize is multiplied. In other words, the higher the number, the higher your winnings.


The second division prize can only be doubled, regardless of the number of Power Plays drawn (instead of $1 million, you would win $2 million).


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