What are the uses of UNF thread gauges?

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The terminology of thread gage can get confusing for people who are not related to the profession. Thread gauge is a tool that measures and inspects screws and bolts along with other things. When you produce hardware you need accurate tools to inspect the parts that are going to be used in final product and to examine cylindrical objects. For example in shafts or holes you need a GO and NO-GO snap gauge ring gages and plug gages respectively.

The thread gauges are used in examinations for determining thread’s major diameter, minor diameter, pitch diameter, pitch (in case of metric threads) or threads per Inch (TPI in case of Standard American Equivalent (SAE) threads), flank angle, etc. The product is considered passed if the GO gage is answered even if NO-GO gauge is not answered.

Thread plug gauges are used for inspection of nut, an internal thread part and the gage is used to determine the diameter is double ended, one end carrying a GO gage and other end carrying NOGO gage. This double ended gage is mostly used for small threaded parts but for larger parts two can be separate parts. Using this tool you can easily pass through the entire length of the nut without needing much rotational force. It enters the nut from both sides checking in no more than 2 turns.

Different types of thread gauges that are manufactured and sold in the market

There are many companies selling thread gauge products in the market and Gaugestools is a popular name in the domain. The team at the company not only provide multiple types of thread gauges that are ready to ship but also customized according to your requirement. There are various categories of thread gauges available and in each category there are numerous products available in different sizes. So if you are looking to buy a thread gage then you can check out the official website.

One of the popular products that the company offers is Unified National Fine thread gages also known as UNF thread gages. It has a 60 degree thread angle and it is a tool that is used for bolts, screw and nuts and for other applications where the coarse series is not applicable. The difference between other thread coarse series and fine thread series is having greater tensile stress area. In addition to that another advantage of this series is its suitability to stripping of resistance both external and mating internal threads equals or exceeds the tensile load carrying capacity of the externally threaded members. Additional feature in this product is that its length of engagement is short thus suitable for the tool where wall thickness demands a fine pitch, or where finer adjustment is needed.

All of the UNF thread gages are manufactured in compliance to ASME B1.2, each gauge 100% calibrated with quality assurance. They use high quality material of oil hardened tool steel-Gcr15 that has high wear resistance. It has a hardness of 58-62 HRC level with every gage being tested and these products come with SO9001 certification.

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