Website Under DDoS Attack? Try These 3 Steps to Prevent Denial of Service

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The internet is constantly targeted with DDoS, which brings websites down and can cause major damage to businesses. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent this attack; here’s how you do it. During a denial of service attack, many computers on a network are flooded with a high volume of traffic from a single source. 

That source could be another computer that is carrying out the attack or an algorithm within the computer itself. 

  • A DDoS usually aims to bring down a website, but the source of the attack is usually not clear. 
  • Malicious traffic usually originates from a computer that has been compromised. 
  • Denial of service attacks usually come from one source. 
  • An attacker is scanning for vulnerable sites to target. 

This article will discuss the way to prevent a DDoS attack and ways to keep your company online. 

A denial of service attack is when a hacker or person with malicious intent floods a target with data packets and prevents access to the website or server. 

3 Steps to Prevent Denial of Service 

Here are three simple steps you can take to protect your business against denial of service attacks: 

Do not turn off your network firewall at night

If you live in a suburban area and your power gets cut off, the network connection to your server will shut down and that could cause problems. 

Block the use of invalid IP addresses. 

If you have a Firewall enabled on your server, you can block any IP address that doesn’t belong to your network. 

Keep your website updated

This means ensuring you have the latest patches and all the essential software updates are installed. 

It may be worth considering running some free trial versions to test this out first because upgrading a site can cause downtime for some users. 

Limit access to your website for people not connected to your company

You can do this by signing in to your web hosting control panel with the name of your business, but you should set up some simple rules so only people who need to be able to get on it do so. 

Make sure your website is secure 

Ensure your site is protected by a strong password and by all the measures you can use to protect the content on your site – such as installing an SSL certificate. 

Many cybersecurity companies provide DDoS protection that protects against hackers looking to steal information from you or corrupt your system. 

How do I get more users to come and use my site? 

The secret of successful marketing is to understand your target audience and write engaging content that provides them with exactly what they want and needs. 

However, you choose to advertise, make sure it’s relevant to your target audience. If you’re promoting a social networking site, you may want to avoid Facebook ads as they tend to be much less engaging than their own personal ads. 

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