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LaLiga is back, and with it, streaming games, so it’s time to remember and review the services that allow us to watch live football on smart TVs over the Internet. There needs to be a fairly tight circle, as the calendar has been tight to end quickly and not extend the days too much, so if the last part of the season is clearer, you need to be clear about where to watch the upcoming games.

Where can I watch the Lolita match?

The LaLiga site itself dispels any doubts in this regard, as there are three authorized professional football league operators in Spain: Movistar +, Orange and Myrtle Plus. These are the only services from which games can be legally watched, of course for a fee.

All of these services have official applications for different smart TV platforms,

Now that LaLiga is back on June 11th, let’s take a look at all the options available to watch football on TV. You don’t have to invest in technology to watch live football online. You can watch games on your computer – from any browser (like Chrome, Firefox or Edge), as well as on your tablet or mobile phone. Sometimes it’s easier to download the bet365 app to open games without opening a browser, so if you have a mobile phone and want to watch the games on it, we recommend downloading it from the App Store or the Play Store. Enjoying online gaming is just a few clicks away.

In addition to Bet365, you also have other service providers, such as 스포츠중계 or Movistar +, classic subscription operators that offer many live events after paying a monthly subscription. Finally, there are channels such as La 1, Teledeport or Media Set (Antenna 3, Telecinco) that can periodically show live events. However, thanks to the success of pay-TV, there are fewer and fewer free programs available on the web.

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