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Fractionation in HVAC is the change in the composition of a blend. It occurs because one or more of the factors is removed or lost faster than the other. The factors of a blended refrigerant will, at irregular rates, leak from the system. It occurs due to different vapor pressure. Leaks occur in the vapor areas of the device.

Therefore, the complete charging method is a liquid. It is for blended refrigerants. That is present at the high side of the system. It is present throughout the condenser and evaporator, respectively.

Two important behaviors of refrigerant molecules that help to explain why fractionation occurs:

1: When the molecules are moving around. At that time, pure refrigerants apply pressure on the cylinder (or a system). They move around faster at a high temperature. It means more pressure. They move around less at low temperatures. It means the pressure is lower. 

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2: Molecules of HVAC systems move all the time from vapor to liquid and liquid to vapor. Liquid and vapor at stability also shift the same number of molecules back and forward. Condensing moisture moves more from water to the liquid. Boiling liquid also moves more from liquid to vapor. 

HVAC system stands for:

  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Air conditioning

HVAC refers to a different system used for moving air. It also moves air between outdoor and indoor areas. Ai moves in both residential and commercial spaces.


Two or more single-component refrigerants form a blend. How strongly the different molecules are connected. It depends on one of two situations that will occur:

1: Azeotrope: 

Azeotrope is a blend that works as a single-factor refrigerant. When a combination makes an azeotrope, it presents unexpected and unique properties.

2: Zoetrope: 

Zoetrope is a blend that works as a combination of the different factors. Zeotropes have the best properties depending on a mixture of pure components. 

Temperature glides:

Zeotropic and non -zeotropic blends do not have the same boiling point for all devices. It means it is different in liquid and vapor phases. 

For example, if you move out all the vapor in an evaporator in a given time. Then the percentage of the blend is different from the left liquid. It has many reasons, but the most important is temperature glide. 

Two things occur when vapor removed from a cylinder or system have azeotropic blends: 

1: The vapor removes at the wrong formation. It has more of the higher-capacity, higher-pressure, refrigerant part.

2: The present liquid boils more of the high-pressure components out of the liquid to change into a vapor. Then, the liquid formation changes because more of the higher-pressure component leaves are related to the significant part of the liquid composition.

No refrigerant, no blend components. The single parts do not separate from a blend, but you may get composition transfer in some conditions.

Blends form fluids of the same properties where they have a minimal temperature flow. It has only a minimal change in the factor composition between the vapor and the liquid phases. Simply topping up will mostly keep the blend within the factor specification in the case of a leak. i.e. R-404A, R-410A. HVAC cleaning Marietta gives services with their best technicians and high-quality equipment to check your air conditioner.

Causes of fractionation in an HVAC system:

Leaks that are present in vapor areas of the HVAC system will allow fractionation of the blend. A dangerous situation will occur when about half of the HVAC system charge has leaked. Recharging the system after repair will result in a combination of slightly released operating pressures and capacity. 

  • In smaller systems, where charge size is essential, removing any left refrigerant and charging it with a fresh blend will be best.
  • In larger systems, you will need to decide whether the left charge should be taken out or not.
  •  It has been shown that the bulk blend composition is from the circulation composition in running systems.
  •  In liquid lines, there is no second phase, and leaks will lose both vapor and liquid. It occurs because, in the heat exchangers, there is a lot of disturbance. 

Leaks from a running system do not cause fractionation. It is shown by testing. During the off-system, a typical cycling system will not subdivide much. In other words, servicing blends do not need a full recovery of the charge in most cases.

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DANGERS OF fractionation HVAC:

Your system cools improperly due to the loss of refrigerant. Your system may try to give the best air conditioning. It saves your home from reaching the unwanted set temperature.

  • It not only causes your system to work improperly. But it can also increase your monthly electricity bills.
  • You will not only be wasting more money on the cooling system in the summer if the refrigerant is leaking. A leak is left unrepaired in most cases. It will need continuous recharging of your unit.
  • Refrigerant leaks can be dangerous to your health. And also, the leaks are harmful to the environment.
  • Refrigerants have harmful chemicals that can affect air quality. These chemicals enter your respiratory system. They are tasteless and odorless. Freon is most commonly present in the refrigerant. It does have a significant effect on your health and air.

Refrigerant poisoning is a severe condition. It mainly causes difficulty breathing. It also causes nausea, headaches, vomiting, skin and eye irritation, and coughing. The poisoning can turn into life-threatening issues if left untreated. They provide services for air duct cleaning and vent cleaning.

In Which includes the following:

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • increase of fluid in the lungs
  • Confusion, mental fatigue
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Seizures

You may also be suffering from any of the above symptoms of refrigerant poisoning. Then contact a doctor immediately.

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