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The U-22 Kings Cup broadcast starts at 9pm. In the U22 Kings Cup Korea Thailand relay, in the last 3 matches, they already won 1-0 against Uzbekistan and 2-0 against Honduras. With this match between Korea and Thailand, the Kings Cup schedule ([Overseas soccer/Korea Thailand soccer broadcast] – 2015 Kings Cup broadcast and Kings Cup match schedule) will be finished.

Watch the 2015 Thailand Kings Cup live. Where can I watch the Korean and Thai broadcasts?

The 2015 Kings Cup Korea and Thailand live broadcast is available through imbc, mbc sports plus, and kbsn sports. You can watch the Kings Cup 해외축구중계 on the internet on MBC, but there is no Kings Cup soccer broadcast on terrestrial TV.

This is the imbc U-22 Kings Cup live broadcast Korea Thailand match.

The 2015 Thailand Kings Cup match will be broadcast live through’s ‘On Air Sports’ (PC/mobile) and ‘MBC TV’ apps, so please watch it a lot.

Under 22 King’s Cup Match Results Korea’s Kings Cup Winner?

Thailand Kings Cup Korea Thailand relay is the third game and the match against Thailand is the last match of the Korea Kings Cup.

As mentioned above, Korea is on a two-game winning streak with victories over Uzbekistan and Honduras, while the host country Thailand has a record of 1 win and 1 loss with a victory over Honduras and a 2-5 defeat against Uzbekistan. Today’s Korea Thailand King’s Cup match will be won by South Korea just by drawing a draw.

Will they win the championship again after winning the 41st King’s Cup in January 2012 with a record of 2 wins and 1 draw? Of course you should.

The Korean Uzbekistan assailant was returned home and ended with a promise of disciplinary action.

This is because it is the last match of the Kings Cup match between Korea and Thailand, which will be played in the wake of manager Lee Kwang-jong’s acute leukemia, along with the Uzbek assault case (a shocking video of Uzbekistan gangster soccer Kings Cup fist assault).

For your reference, I am relieved to hear that coach Shin Tae-yong is the successor to Lee Kwang-jong, who leads the Korean national team under the age of 22 and leads the King’s Cup.

Through winning the Thailand Kings Cup, I am looking forward to whether the Asian Cup runners-up will be relieved once again. The unfortunate incident of assault in Uzbekistan and the unfortunate incident of ‘acute leukemia’, which means the downfall of Coach Lee Kwang-jong’s football life, overlap, so it will be a memorable Thai football match. I hope that coach Lee Kwang-jong’s speedy recovery will be a turning point in his football career.

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