Benefits of Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property in Turkey

Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property 

If you’re not sure if Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property plan is right, take a look. First, citizenship applications may include family members, spouses, and dependents. All future children will acquire Turkish citizenship based on their birth rights. In addition to the right to housing in Turkey, the applicant, his spouse and children can work and study. You don’t even have to apply for reconstruction because you own Turkish citizenship. You also chose Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property plan. Therefore, you are eligible for health care and retirement.

Applicants will receive a Turkish passport and visa-free travel to more than 100 countries. In other countries it is mandatory to live a few days a year, but in Turkey this is not the case. So you can come and go as you like every year. Dual citizenship and dual passports are also permitted, but if you have dual citizenship, please contact your country’s embassy. Finally, if you want to enroll the applicant’s child in the Turkish education system, we will provide quick access.

Additional real estate with business investment

There are other ways to obtain Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property, including business investment, but this requires twice the minimum capital and additional obligations. Buying, owning and running a business in Turkey is much more complicated and requires a lot of hard work. You will need to continue to obtain a work visa until you have citizenship. You need to open a separate bank account for your business and consider the value of your business and how it will grow over the years. This also takes time. In addition, Turkey is in a better position in terms of affordability and timeliness, especially in terms of investment planning compared to countries such as Portugal in the world.

Why do you live in Turkey?

If you have Turkish citizenship, you can either live permanently in your home country or move to Turkey. There are many reasons to move, but this is already apparent to more than 2 million foreigners. Turkey’s climate is a big attraction because it promotes a sedentary lifestyle that doctors say is good for our health. In return, it is known for its Turkish regional cuisine, which offers fresh food and home-cooked food. From exploring thousands of historic sites to golfing in Belek, the Turkish coast, the Aegean Sea and the fun of the Mediterranean, there is a wide range of activities. Adding a low cost to this makes it easy to understand why many foreigners choose Turkey as their hometown.

Invest in Citizenship Real Estate Investment

Therefore, as mentioned above, you must hold your current Turkish real estate purchase for at least 3 years before selling. However, in order to make a wise real estate investment, investors are advised to hold it for a long period of time. In many parts of Turkey, there are great opportunities for medium- to long-term capital growth. In addition, if you have stored your property for more than 5 years, you do not have to pay capital tax in Turkish lira. You can also enjoy low cost real estate whether you live in Turkey or not.

If you decide not to stay here, we recommend that you ask a friend or a Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property management company (King Clap) for maintenance, condition, maintenance and regular inspections. After all, some people who do not live in Turkey decide to borrow their property. This is possible, but you have to follow legal rules and pay a small tax on your rent. If you want to consider this, Turkish agents can provide more advice.

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Turkish Citizenship by Buying Property may be the main goal of an investment plan, but there are many other reasons to become a homeowner. Turkey is at the top of the list in terms of foreign investment and foreign destinations. Today, it is linked to attractions in other parts of the world, such as Portugal, Greece, Spain and France. 

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