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Everyone wants to look their best for the day.  There are several cosmetic products due to the rise in beauty trends. People prefer to look up to trend with the latest products and makeover styles. For this, one needs to remain updated with the latest fashion. There are cosmetics to beautify eyes, lips, face, etc. The makeup products help to hide blemishes and marks and give a smooth look.

A perfect application of foundation is necessary for completing a makeover. Thus, foundation, as the name specifies, lays the base for all other products. These can enhance the color of skin, hide marks, make skin smooth, etc. Foundations are available in large amounts in the cosmetic sections of the shop. They come in their foundation boxes made wholesale.

Types and packaging of the foundation:

When shopping, there are many types for each product. Similarly, there is a cluster of foundations in the shops. Foundations are available in several types that vary in quality, consistency, application, and ingredients. These different categories of the foundation are packaged in varying styles. The foundation boxes are made wholesale to fit different product types. Also, everyone needs to find which foundation best suits their skin type and preference. Each foundation has its own set of advantages and uses. Here is a quick guide to common types of foundations and their packaging:

Liquid foundation:

Liquid foundation is the most used and known category of the foundation. The reason for this popularity is that they give whole coverage and are easier to apply. These will help to even out a large patch of skin with convenience.  Also, these work for all skin types and are available in a variety. One can find a liquid foundation for oily, dry, or any skin type. These have liquid consistency due to their oil or water-based origin. Liquid foundation help get a natural finish for everyone as these are available in almost all shade range. This versatility makes them fit for a huge audience.

Liquid Foundation boxes

Liquid foundations are sold in the form of bottles. Some of the manufacturers make a range of bottles of different sizes. These can be made up of glass or other materials. The foundation boxes need to be strong and perfectly fit in terms of size. The packaging must cushion the bump and other dangers for the product. For this large demand, most liquid foundation boxes are made wholesale.

Cream foundation:

Cream foundations have thick and dense consistency. These give heavy and long-lasting coverage. Thus, the cream foundation will entirely cover skin and effortlessly hide acne, unevenness, scarring, or matured and wrinkled skin. These mimic the skin and create a smooth surface by filling it all over the skin.  These will hydrate the skin, so do not crake or crease for longer times. These work for all skin types, but these are perfect for dry ones. It is advised to moisturize skin before applying cream foundation as these can crease up due to thick consistency.

Cream foundations are available in thing long bottles. These are used in a lesser amount compared to liquid foundations. Packaging of these materials is made according to their size and shade.

Powder foundation:       

Powder foundations are highly pigmented compact powders. These are different from face powder which is used for light touch up. The powder foundation is utilized for whole coverage. These are ideal if one wants a fast makeover for the day. However, these hold a drawback in that they are a dried category of foundation. So these are only suitable for oily skin. Although these are convenient and easy to apply, they do not last long. The wearing duration of powder foundation is short and also give a light coverage compared to other foundation.

Powder Foundation Boxes

Powder foundations are available in their containers. These are circular containers with their sponge or brush to apply. The packaging of these products is a small square box with a window cut. The foundation boxes of the powder base are made wholesale to supply in large amounts.

Stick foundation:

Stick foundations are traditional bases that are now mostly used as a concealer. These are used to even out large areas or blemishes. These are used for heavy coverage and thick layerings. These are not suitable for a natural look. These might cake up if applied excessively, so it is advised to give a light layer. Then, one needs to even these out on the whole face. But these are best for long-duration wear as these settle to give a flawless look.

The stick foundations have a container with a rotatable part to bring out the stick. The boxes of the stick foundation are similar to lipsticks. These are thing elongated foundation boxes that contain the shade of the product.

BB cream:

BB creams are versatile in their use. These function as all foundation, sunscreen, and foundation. For people who are busy and find it hassle to apply everything separately, these work best. These have a creamy formulation and even the skin perfectly. These provide both moisture and color to the skin. Thus, BB creams are suitable for almost all skin types. These are highly convenient and also easy to apply.

The BB creams come in their tubes. These tubes are usually thin and elongated but easier to use. The boxes for the Bb cream are made according to the size of the product. The bb creams are known for their health benefits, so the packaging contains all the ingredients and safety detail of the items.

Mineral foundation:

These are in the form of loose powder. Their name is due to their mineral and talc origin. The popularity of the mineral foundation rose when the awareness for organic products increased. However, these are difficult to apply and can look messy without proper application. These come in small containers. So the packaging is a small square box.


In conclusion, there are several types of foundations available in the market. All these foundations vary in their uses, functionality, and packaging.

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