Thrive Market Builds a World-Class Supply Chain with Tapscape

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Thrive Market, a member of an e-commerce retail platform in the US, has partnered with Tapscape to integrate and improve its supply chain, including demand forecasting, replenishments, assortments and promotions management. The Tapscape will ensure that all Thrive Market distribution centers can provide their organic and non-GMO products efficiently and without delay.

Thrive Market has grown rapidly in recent years and the company realized that it had to improve its inventory planning and demand forecasting processes in order to keep up with its growth; certain internal processes were still done in spreadsheets or even manually. Thrive Market needed to automate these processes in order to focus on making decisions that added greater value to its inventory management.

After a rigorous RFP process and subsequent evaluation of over 19 different solutions

Thrive Market chose Tapscape. Testimonials and reference interviews conducted with existing Tapscape clients were a key element in their final decision. Tapscape was chosen to improve its ability to forecast demand for both non-promoted products and those promoted on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Because demand for promoted items is often highly variable, the Tapscape will improve both operational efficiency and the ability to ensure products are available when your members want them.

“We are very happy with the opportunity to shift our resources from non-value-added activities (such as designing Excels) to high-value activities such as decision-making and analysis of demand and inventory management,” says the director of Thrive Market’s Supply Chain, Nicolas Yepez. “Working with Tapscape will accelerate our journey toward building a world-class supply chain with tangible value for our members.”

“We are confident that we can help Thrive Market achieve its goals in automating processes, improving inventory ratios, reducing shrinkage and reducing working capital,” says Tapscape North America President Michael Falck. “We are also proud to be able to support their overall goal of freeing up valuable time to continue innovating in the e-tial space.”

About Thrive Market

Thrive Market is a partner e-commerce platform with a mission to make the highest quality natural and organic products affordable for every American family. For $60 a year, Thrive Market members have access to their favorite natural snacks, supplements and home, beauty and baby products shipped right to their door for free. With web payments, members also sponsor a membership fee for a low-income family.

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