The Ultimate Guide to Office Cleaning

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Offices across throughout the Tri-State Area begin to reopen and reopen, it’s time to plan the way your office will handle cleaning their offices. It is essential to have a cleaning schedule in place that involves cleaning and disinfecting on a regular basis. In addition to taking precautions during the outbreak and other emergencies, there are many advantages to regular cleaning that you might not have heard about. We will go over these benefits and suggest the most effective method for developing an office cleaning in south London program.

The 3 most important advantages from cleaning the office regularly

  1. Aesthetics

First impressions are made by appearances. Clean offices are visually appealing and are a pleasant sight for all who walk into the workplace! A clean office will delight both your customers and your employees. Regular cleaning of your office can help to create a workplace that where people want to go.

  1. Stress-Trigger Reduction

If your workspace gets messy it may create stress and distractions. This can have additional results, including a reduction in productivity overall. There have been numerous studies that have focused on the long-term consequences of stress on our body. It can trigger a range of health and mental problems, such as fatigue, depression and insomnia.

  1. Increased Productivity

Research conducted at Princeton University Neuroscience Institute. Princeton University Neuroscience Institute showed that people who tidy up their workplaces were able to concentrate more effectively and experienced a significant rise in productivity. The study also found that people who experienced constant visual reminders of filthy environment in which they work were unable to stay focus. The results suggest that a clean work environment could boost employees’ overall productivity.

Your Office Cleaning Plan

The use of a Checklist for Cleaning Checklist will enable you and your cleaning staff (in-house or a professional company for cleaning) to be in the same boat regarding the chores that must be completed to meet those cleaning objectives.

For Reception, Workspaces, Conference Rooms & Private Offices

In the reception, it’s usually the first thing people see upon entering the office. Don’t pass up this chance to create the right impression!

  • Begin by dusting off the general reception area. Then, make sure you spot sparkling glass surfaces.
  • Clean and disinfect often touched, like light switches, door knobs, and switches
  • Straighten chairs and other accessories or décor
  • Clean trash cans, empty them and replace the liners
  • Vacuum or sweep all carpets and floors Mop hard wood or tile floors.


If you have a kitchenette at your office, this space is often utilized and can get dirty during the day. Ideally, you’d want everyone to wash up after themselves, keeping the space clean throughout the day. But, due to the rush and bustle of your workday it isn’t always feasible. However the kitchenette must be cleaned at minimum once every day to end every day.

  • Begin by loading the dishwasher or clearing the sink.
  • Wash and clean the counters microwave, small appliances, around the refrigerator, as well as the sink space
  • Vacuum, sweep and mop floors.
  • Finally, replenish the community with items as well as take the trash out and then change the garbage bag
  • Clean the fridge every Friday (tossing out food items that are expired)


Another heavily used area that requires regular cleaning and disinfection

  • Begin by cleaning the counters and sinks as well as glass surfaces. Clean mirrors, and then disinfect all surfaces.
  • Then, wash and clean the entire toilet bowl.
  • Then, clean the floors, refill toiletries, and empty the bags of garbage     Contact Us

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