The Right Way To Download Instagram Photos And Videos On Your Device

The Right Way To Download Instagram Photos And Videos On Your Device

The Facebook outage of 2021 was an eye-opener for all. It wasn’t the only social media network that went down, other related apps such as Instagram and WhatsApp were also affected by it. Moreover, it was a reminder that all your digital memories need to have a regular backup, especially since this wasn’t the first time that this outage has happened. However, our digital memories aren’t the only thing that we want to keep safe.

There are many posts, both photos, and videos, shared by our dear ones and colleagues that we want to keep safe and often create a special backup separately from them. While downloading and saving digital media posted by others may not be considered right, only when you are saving them with the intention of re-posting them on other channels under your name. that’s when copyright infringement and related ethical issues may pop up.

But if you genuinely like someone else’s posts just because it was interesting with the desire to revisit it in the future and fear that the said user will deactivate their account, then it’s no issue downloading or saving their digital media. Even though the digital community has moved on from dial-ups to fiber-optic networks, there are times when our present internet connection has the occasional hiccup!


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Downloading Your Instagram Posts & Videos Using A Web-Based Application And Mobile App

Whether you choose to download your Instagram data using their desktop application or their mobile app, it’s a very simple process. To download your personal Instagram data, simply log into your Instagram account. Next, go to Settings and click on Privacy and Security. Then, click on the link, which is under Data Download, and reads: Request Download. To move the process further, the web app will ask you to re-enter your password for further confirming if it’s you. Once you enter the password, the Instagram information file will start downloading on your desktop.


On the other hand, if you want to download Instagram data using their mobile app, the steps vary slightly. Simply click on the profile icon, which is at the lower right of the screen. Next click on the menu, select Settings, then click on Security that will take you to a different page and you will come across the option, that says Download Data. This way you will receive a copy of all your Instagram account data that you have posted online so far.


So What’s The Right Way To Download Instagram Videos On Your Device?

There are so many instances where we see a post on our newsfeed, whether a photo or video, and we instantly love it, so much so that we want to keep it safe with ourselves. Whether you view an Instagram video on a web-based application or your smartphone, Instagram does not provide the right-click option to save a post.


However, Instagram has its own set of options that a user can use to save a post in a collection. The collection can later be renamed as per the user’s choice. This will help the user to view the file whenever they want to. On the other hand, another option that Instagram users can avail themselves is by using a third-party website or an app to download a post, whether photo or video.


Are You Worried That You Cannot Find The Right URL?

Finding the right URL when you are using the web version of the social media website is relatively easier. Simply click on the 3-dot to open a menu which will then give you the exact link that can be copy-pasted in the respective address bar.



This is a great third-party website that lets you download several Instagram-related content(s) wherever you want. The website hosts various download options, that include photos, videos, or stories, followed by profile and IGTV downloads as well. Instagram Reels, which is Instagram’s version of TikTok is not supported by this website. However, it’s a pretty handy tool when it comes to downloading others. The only thing required is to copy-paste the exact URL on the address bar, located under each option. You can also use this website on your smartphone, download photos and videos, and save them on your mobile phone. is another video downloader that not only helps you to download videos from Instagram but can also be used if you want to download videos, from Facebook and YouTube as well. It provides the user a range of downloading options such as mp3, mp4, SQ, HD, or FullHD. In addition to this, this is a great website that is 100% free and virus-free as well. So, you can safely download, without worrying about malware or your system getting affected by malicious software.



Another fantastic website that helps you download Instagram videos in a jiffy is BlastUp. It is built on a similar pattern as other websites and requires the user to insert the exact URL into the address bar, which will then download the video in an mp4 format.


The Bottom Line…

While these are some great websites, that allow you to download as many Instagram photos and videos as you want, we recommend that such websites should be sparingly used. They may claim to be free of malware and related dangerous cyber threats but it is always better to be safe rather than sorry. Hence, we recommend that you simply save these Instagram posts and videos in the collections option to view them later.

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