The Government and women in sport

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The Government began to create policies in favor of women in sports in Mexico at the beginning of the 20th century . The first achievement was a military education campaign in 1917 . During that time the Mexican Revolution was taking place and as we know, the Adelitas were major participants in this armed conflict.

Later, in 1923 , the president of the International Olympic Committee paid a visit to Mexico. That year the Mexican Olympic Committee was established and a year later, our country reached the Olympic Games for the first time.

However, Mexican women did not have a presence at the Olympic joust . Over the years, other organizations were created that promote 해외축구중계사이트 among Mexicans. However, for women in sports in Mexico there were still many obstacles.

The Olympic Charter establishes that the practice of sport is a human right.

Therefore, everyone should have the opportunity to practice sports according to their needs. In 1994 , 280 delegates from various countries, including Mexico, met in London. That year the Brighton Declaration was signed , which seeks to resolve the imbalance that exists between men and women in sport.

As of that date, the participation of women in sports in Mexico began to be promoted more actively.

The integration of women in sports in Mexico has been slow.

Current status of women in sports in Mexico: influencing factors

The appearance of the different organizations that seek to integrate women in sports in Mexico has been of great importance. However, much work remains to be done.

Since 2004 , CONADE has carried out a multi-strategic program to raise awareness of the obstacles women face when playing sports. In its beginnings, this program managed to make visible the situations faced by women in sports in Mexico and many women began to practice it.

However, as I mentioned before, social prejudices about what is feminine and masculine are deeply rooted in our society. For better or worse, these prejudices do not only exist in Mexico, but they do affect our participation in the sport.

Some of these prejudices have been diminishing over time but prevail in some factors. These factors affect the integration of women in sports in Mexico and therefore, we do not have a broader participa

There are still prejudices about women in sports in Mexico

Social prejudices are usually what most discourage women from practicing sports in the country. Contradictorily, it can also be society that is the main promoter of women’s participation in sports in Mexico.


In the first place we have the Mexican families . The family can be the main motivator or discourager of women’s sports practice. Many women report that they play sports because their parents instilled in them the habit of exercising at an early age . Even if they initially refused to play sports, with family support they have managed to continue their sports practice. However, there are cases where it is completely the opposite.


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