The Commercial Insurance

The Commercial Insurance

The Commercial Insurance

Latino business insurance

Most commercial insurance policies include basic coverages, such as property, liability, and commercial vehicles, as well as additional coverages,

such as business interruption, equipment breakdown, and workers’ compensation.

Commercial insurance also includes liability coverages such as dental, vision, disability, and group life insurance, as well as letters of guarantee that ensure compliance with construction contracts and government regulations and protect policyholders from loss. caused by lawsuits or employee theft.

Benefits offered by commercial insurance in the United States

The insurance market has grown thanks to the innumerable benefits they offer, commercial insurance policies are characterized by providing security and peace of mind to valuable assets.

Working hand in hand with an insurance company is an ideal way to protect and ensure all the intellectual and physical assets of your business or premises.

Damage to your property is covered by insurance. When insuring your business, you can enlist the help of plumbers, locksmiths, and mechanics.

These small but important breakdowns can be fully covered by the most appropriate services for your business.

The best commercial policies for Latinos

The best commercial policy is the one that fully covers the needs and requirements of your company.

The main thing is to evaluate the options in the market. Seek personalized advice, many insurers have adaptable policies. Make sure that the insurance offers you the maximum coverage at the lowest price.

In many cases, contracting several policies with the same insurance company guarantees better costs and results.

Good business insurance can provide additional protection to preserve your personal and business assets in the event of an unexpected lawsuit or disaster.

You may also be required by law to carry certain types of business insurance. If you employ workers, you are required by law to carry workers’ compensation, unemployment, and disability insurance.

Rights of immigrants to commercial insurance in the United States

The Law is very clear and reads as follows:

“The E-2 nonimmigrant classification allows a national of a treaty country (a country with which the United States maintains a treaty of commerce and navigation, or with which the United States maintains a qualified international agreement, or has been determined as a qualifying country). by law) to be admitted to the United States when you invest a substantial amount of capital in a US company. Certain employees of such person or a qualified organization may also be eligible for this classification.”

And not only the merchant, equally, but all workers also have the same right to have a safe and healthy workplace regardless of their immigration status.

Documents to obtain a commercial policy for Latinos

The documents needed to obtain a commercial policy will depend largely on the type of business you need to insure.

Lease Agreement – ​​Consider the details of the lease, including the full amount of coverage required for the building and the minimum liability required of the landlord.

Business Inventory: Calculate the total dollar value of what is needed to replace and refurbish the business.

Revenue figures: Insurance companies use actual revenue data to partially determine risk. The more money a company makes, the more it suffers. It is also used to determine the compensation to be paid in the event of company bankruptcy.

Payroll values: Workers’ compensation premiums are based on the total amount of wages and the type of work each employee performs.



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