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Long but very productive days and the satisfaction of experiencing unforgettable moments from medal to medal is what Toronto 2015 left us. Thank you Toronto, thank you Canada and may it be repeated in Lima. From Niagara Falls we already dream of the majesty of Machu Picher.

I think that an example can clearly explain what the Pan American Games really are.

One day we went to eat at the Distillery District, close to the Villa Pan-American. As expected it was full of athletes and right at the next table was a Canadian women’s team. At one point we began to hear applause. Turning around I could see the entrance to the place of a women’s team from the United States with their gold medal around their neck. At our table we joined in the applause and I realized that at the table of the Canadian athletes, far from applauding, what they saw were faces of few friends and disinterest. I did not take it as a rude act and it really made me understand the reality of all this.

Athletes come to events to compete,

Win and lead the way. It is not a place to admire anyone else or applaud other achievements. This is serious; there is a lot of competition, years of training and pride. At that moment it seemed to me that everything was right, it is a spectacle for many but an end of life for the athletes.

While the flame is extinguished, Toronto 2015 leaves

Me with mixed feelings: on the one hand, I want to return home and reunite with my loved ones. On the other hand, I would like the flame to never go out and continue here, covering more Pan-American action. The enjoyment of a multi 해외축구중계사이트 event in this multicultural city is unparalleled. You work long hours with colleagues who were strangers two weeks ago and are now dear friends. At the same time, close ties with those who already were.

On the pitch, I enjoyed Paola Longoria’s fierceness on the pitch and her grace off it; I witnessed the rise of Andre De Grasse and Kaplan Whitney as the future of athletics, I suffered the farewell of Felix Sanchez and the disappointment of basketball in Puerto Rico. Also, I celebrated as if they were mine the victories of the Peruvian Gladys Timed, the Mexican Paola Espinosa, the Colombian Gossamer Salvo, the Guatemalan Jorge Vega Lopez, the Dominican Laughlin Santos, the Chilean Barbara Rivera’s, the Venezuelan Gabriel Mastered and the Puerto Ricans Fernando Menlo and Reel Ríos. I celebrated them and made them mine, because I enjoyed them with my colleagues, my new family in one house.

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