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Many of our childhood memories are probably tied to candy and food. Even today, candy still exists, but for some reason, it’s not as exciting as it once was, so we tend to be indifferent when we have the opportunity to indulge. Growing up is not as exciting as it used to be when I was younger…

And for many, the sweets were very different than when they were younger. For example, some remember when Starburst was called Opal Fruit, while older people remember when they bought candy from traditional candy stores.

We’ve all had our own favorite candies in the world, of different brands and types, at different times. Here are a few of them.

Peanut Chips

Peanut chips are hard to find these days unless you’re in an old-fashioned candy store, but they’re one of the most delicious and addictive candies around. They’re basically sweetened peanut butter caramel broken into bite-sized pieces, and their crunchy texture makes them an extremely satisfying treat.


Gobstoppers are one of the most classic and time-honored treats. They are huge pastries that are so hard and large that they are impossible to chew. Part of the appeal of gobstoppers was the challenge of eating the biggest piece possible, but looking back, it’s clear that our parents did it to shut us up. Touché…


Thankfully, there are still liquors available. Sure, it’s weird, but there’s something irresistible about bitter licorice combined with different textures and sugars.

Sherbet Dips

Sherbet dips are like two sweets in one. You get a bag of sour sherbet, which is very tempting, but you also get a lollipop to dip it in. When you take the sherbet with a spoon, it sticks to the lollipop, so you have both the lollipop to eat and the sherbet packet. But the more refined ones came with an effervescent powder straw. That way they could suck the sherbet through the straw as if they were drinking a Coke, and then eat the straw. In fact, it was a form of recycling for the children. …… Who said the candy was bad for you?

Lucky Charms

OK, it’s not candy and it’s still sold in the United States. But in the UK and Europe, you have to be very specialized to find these cereals because they are considered too harmful to children there and some people want more.

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