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They let you keep scoreboards visible, create polls, or add sounds that your community can play with different commands. Many affiliate users and partners who submit sports content use channel point predictions to activate their community in broadcasting in new and exciting ways. Broadcasters often use channel point predictions to activate the chat by allowing viewers to “predict” the winner of the match, the best performance of the match, or the duration of the match.

We know that the more active viewers are,

the more likely they are to return to watch upcoming broadcasts. The CTRL + extension takes your broadcast to a whole new level by allowing viewers to participate in the broadcast through polls, quizzes, and additional information about both your broadcast and your community. Organize a poll or quiz, or display information about you, other people, and your community.

Tracks allow you to send your viewers

to other live broadcasts at the end of your broadcast. This will allow you to introduce new channels to your community while having a little fun. Before you stop posting, use the / raid command, add the name of the Twitch channel, and share the fun message you want your viewers to send to the channel you want to 스포츠중계. Channels that track or use auto-sharing will grow faster than channels that don’t. You might want to try to track even your own favorite channel. More information

General tips:

Gather your own audience: be sure to tell your friends, fans, and followers of your social media when you’ve performed live, and encourage them to come chat with you and join your community.

Get involved:

The best Twitch viewing experiences are usually interactive. Your audience will chat with you during your broadcast, so be sure to read the chat, interact with your community, and pay attention to the people who follow or place your order. Check out the featured. Chat feature and the Retaining New Viewers article for more information on how to get your audience involved in your broadcast.

This overview is just a scratch on making sports broadcasts in Twitch.

Your own path as a content producer is unique, whether you’re posting on Twitch on a hobby basis or planning to make streaming a career for yourself. For more tips on improving your submissions, read more articles in the Author Center.


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