Texas Hold’em vs Omaha, which one to choose?

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At a minimum you should always know which real money online poker sites exist and how much money you have invested in the poker tables and how much you have recovered from it or the net profits, without forgetting to make a history of results in longer terms: week, month, year and, finally, all the data since you started playing.

After knowing that this is really important and after taking

into account that knowing the money invested and the results (economically speaking) on ​​a daily basis, it is also convenient that you take into account things like when and where you are playing, the type of players with whom you you have faced and other aspects that at first may seem irrelevant.

Taking a closer look at all the stats generated, you should analyze these and focus on your strengths (how you usually make money), as well as avoiding those situations that make your money go to other hands.

Learn from the best

Hanging out with great ” poker ” players (as it’s called in some areas) and having friends in the poker world is the last tip in our strategy series for not losing 홀덤사이트.

Having friends related to poker is, without a doubt, really important and offers a great plus to be able to discuss strategies, maintain the motivation to continue improving and even to be able to reach agreements or have a mentor.

Talking about strategy with great players is very valuable since you can comment on hands and exact situations that have put you in trouble or that have created doubts, being able to analyze these as soon as the session is over.

Most of the time you tell a player about a problem,

you will find that he gives you a solution based on his own experience since he will almost certainly have been through a similar situation.

Having friends who can succeed at the stakes and tables you play at is a really positive thing.

Also, sometimes having a different perspective on a hand or concept can help you mature and improve your abilities to take your game to the next level.

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