Texas Hold’em Rules – Dealing Cards

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The rules of the game in Poker Texas Hold’em provide several streets of the distribution of cards, for each of which trading is carried out. But let’s not just be on the maps, so you’re not confused. They are distributed in four stages, each of which has its name:

  • Preflop – Players are dealt two cards, while each game participant can only see their own. They are called pockets;
  • Failure – Three cards are laid out on the table and are visible to all participants of the distribution (general cards or borders);
  • Turn – the fourth card is added to the general;
  • River – The fifth card is added to the common.

As a result, if the game reached the last street, five general cards will be opened on the table, plus two more each player will have in their hands. However, the game before the autopsy cannot come, since the bank can be played before in any of the four operations, which you will learn more about if you read the rules of the game in Texas Poker for Kettles.

Rules of Holdem combinations

If you remember that the goals of the game in 홀덤총판, which were described at the beginning of the article, you should remember that one of the ways to get the Bank in the distribution is to draw a winning combination. The rules of the game in Poker Texas Hold’em provide only one classic high combination that you can see in the illustration:

These melds can be prepared on the basis of seven cards (five commons and two pockets). From the seven cards to build a hand, only five are selected, allowing you to make a stronger hand. From the existing set of cards it is the strongest of the possible combinations! If the combination is a five-card card (street, flash, etc.), all these five cards are included in its composition. If only two cards, three or four cards are required for a meld, most elders are selected from the remaining cards and added to the meld, complementing it to the hand five times. This can be understood for example:

Here, the player has three aces and four of the existing cards are still four more, which are not included in the top three aces. As the oldest of them are a queen and eight, they are also part of the hands. At the same time, the queen becomes a kicker (since the highest card is not part of the meld) and if the opponent also raised three aces, she is compared to his kicker.

Combinations are compared only on opening! If the distribution is completed earlier, they are meaningless and do not affect the definition of the winner. If autopsy occurs, the bank wins the player with the oldest combination. In the table above, they are moving up one seniority. So one pair under the top three, and the top three over two pairs, etc.


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