Taste the ‘Flavor of the Past’ – Visit Vanceburg, KY!

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Tired of the same old chit-chat at the office water cooler? Seeing the same old roads, buildings, and cubicles day-in and day-out takes a toll on everybody. Bus tours are quickly becoming the hottest new way to take your well-deserved break from the fatiguing hustle and bustle of city life. And what better place to get a breath of fresh air and recharge your batteries than Vanceburg, KY?

Vanceburg Beckons!

Founded all the way back in 1797 by Joseph Vance and Moses Baird, Vanceburg is not just your ordinary small town. While there are many other hamlets worth your visit if you’re interested in bus tours in Kentucky, what sets Vanceburg apart is its rich history. 

Nestled in between the magnificent Ohio River and Salt Lick Creek, the ‘Friendly Little River City’ – as its inhabitants lovingly call it – is chock-full of historical sights living in perfect harmony with modern luxuries. 

There are many ways to explore Vanceburg’s rich past. One of the most popular ones is to stroll through the town’s many delightful museums. Of these, the Ripley’s Museum, the Esther Allen Green Museum, and the Carolyn’s Mini Room Museum are the most celebrated.

Or, perhaps, you want a more hands-on and close-up experience with history that museums cannot capture? Well, worry not! The Vanceburg Renaissance Program offers a Historic Walking Tour of Vanceburg, full of interesting sights and monuments to gaze at! Marvel at the quaint architecture of the several 19th century houses in Vanceburg, full of rich family heritage, such as the Judge George Morgan Thomas House, the McDaniel house, and many others! 

If you visit on a Sunday, be sure to pay your respects during Sunday mass at the awe-inspiring churches and cathedrals in Vanceburg. The Christian Church and the Methodist Episcopal Church have such rich traditions that all bus trips in Vanceburg, KY, are simply incomplete without a visit to them!

Experience the Warmth of Southern Hospitality

Done exploring and ready to eat? Take a quick stroll around the downtown Stamper Block, full of so many amazing restaurants that you’ll feel spoiled for choice! Let your kids shoot some strikes at Sunset Bowl or learn snookering at Hickle’s Pool Room while you plan the perfect lunch. Establishments such as Chigger’s and Coyote’s Bar & Grill will serve you the best of the delicious local food – don’t miss out on their delish grub!

As the evening sets in, why not catch a break from brick and mortar and get that rejuvenation which only nature can offer? Grab a piping cup of joe from Fuzzy Duck Coffee Shop or Catitude Coffee Haven and head out to nearby Shawnee State Park, Ohio’s largest nature reserve! Finish off your perfect day with dinner and ice cream: try the local favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough at Buckeye Dairy Bar.

Vanceburg, though hiding right under our noses, is clearly the perfect oasis for those looking to catch a break and pamper themselves. So what are you waiting for? Be sure to remember this little-known gem next time you search for bus trips near me!

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