April 25, 2024
A new study revealed where T-Mobile Park, the home of the Seattle Mariners, ranked among the top 10 most Instagrammed MLB ballparks.

If you attend a Seattle Mariners game and don’t take a selfie, did you even go? A new study from aGamble.com looked at the analytics to find which MLB ballparks are the most ‘Instagrammed’ of all.
Top Five Most Instagrammed Ballparks
Los Angeles Dodgers: Dodger Stadium (No. 1)
Boston Red Sox: Fenway Park (No. 2)
Chicago Cubs: Wrigley Field (No. 3)
New York Yankees: Yankee Stadium (No. 4)
San Francisco Giants: Oracle Park (No. 5)
Seattle Mariners unveil Edgar Martinez statue outside T-Mobile Park
According to aGamble.com, T-Mobile Park ranked as the 10th most Instagrammed ballpark in the league.
So how exactly did aGamble.com come up with the stats?
Spokesperson Collin Csarnecki said “We looked at geotagged photos from all 30 MLB ballparks, aiming to determine the most “Instagrammable” stadiums in the country. So you know, if you go on Instagram, and you’re posting a photo, you’re posting a picture, and you’re tagging the location. So that’s really where that data came from, for this study, and we really combed through and looked at, you know, how many posts [and] how many videos were being geotagged at each ballpark.”
He said there were 768,400 photos and videos geotagged on Instagram from the Mariners’ home field giving us the 10th place ranking.
From aGamble.com, here are the highlights for T-Mobile Park:

Stadium Capacity: 47,929
2023 Average Stadium Attendance: 28,087
Geotagged Instagram Posts: 768,400

Senior Vice President of ballpark operations for the Seattle Mariners, Trevor Gooby said one of the best places for a selfie would be outside the park.
“We have three iconic statues, art pieces outside of the ballpark, we obviously have the Ken Griffey Jr, statue right at home plate, Edgar Martinez statue, and we have an oversized glove called ‘The Mitt’ that is at the left tailgate,” said Gooby. “So those are three statues, when you’re first walking in to the ballpark that you have to stop at. And you see fans all the time stopping and taking their Instagram photo at those locations.
“We recommend fans go up to our boardwalk and the 300 level. So you’re able to still watch the game, but then you’re able to take these iconic shots of the sunset, right on the 300 level. And it’s some really beautiful shots of the Puget Sound, and the sunset. And it’s just one of those shots that I think everyone loves to take while you’re still enjoying the ballgame.”
But don’t forget about the field! He said, “Everyone loves getting on the field when they can and they can’t believe that the grass is real, and that they have the opportunity to get on the field. So that would be another one that I would say, for those lucky few that get out in the fields. People love being able to take that shot with the signs and the background and the skyline and whatnot. So it’s definitely one of the cool spots.”
Attending games this weekend? Don’t forget to take a selfie!
Top Five Least Instagrammed Ballparks
Cincinnati Reds: Great American Ball Park (No. 1)
Toronto Blue Jays: Rogers Centre (No. 2)
Texas Rangers: Globe Life Field (No. 3)
Kansas City Royals: Kauffman Stadium (No. 4)
Tampa Bay Rays: Tropicana Field (No. 5)
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