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On May 10, 2022, the Oita City Board of Education cert 4 it and Softbank signed a “Business Collaboration Agreement on Support for Improving Citizens’ Information Utilization Ability”. In the future, smartphone experience classes will be held free of charge for groups such as community contact salons.

The “Business Cooperation Agreement on Support for Improving Citizens’ Information Utilization Ability” was concluded to improve citizens’ information utilization ability. We aim to enable all citizens to use information and communication technology cert 4 it safely and securely and to benefit from the use of information and communication technology.

With the conclusion of the agreement, we will go to facilities such as public halls where community contact salons are active and hold free smartphone experience classes. In the smartphone experience class, not only basic smartphone operations but also useful functions such as maps, cameras, and photographs are planned.

With the conclusion of the “Business Collaboration Agreement on Support for Improving Citizens’ Information Utilization Ability”, it has become possible to hold smartphone experience classes where many citizens can learn about the utilization of information and communication technology. Taking the opportunity of the smartphone experience class, it is expected that the digital divide (information gap) among citizens will be eliminated and the ability to utilize information will be improved.

The GIGA school concept has just begun, and the cooperation and understanding of all concerned parties

Japan’s largest exhibition “EDIX Tokyo” in the field of education cert 4 it opened on May 11, 2022, at the West Exhibition Hall of Tokyo Big Sight. On May 12, the second day of the session, the seminar “Quality of Education by GIGA School Concept” by Rei Mizuma, GIGA School cert 4 it Promotion Team Leader (Director of Information Education Promotion Office), School Support and Teaching Materials Division, Elementary and Secondary Education cert 4 it Bureau, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology “Improving” was implemented, and the issues that were visible at this stage and the future policy of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology were discussed.

What is the status of network maintenance between terminals and cert 4 it in schools?

In the beginning, Mr. Mizuma talked about the latest status of ICT utilization by Japanese elementary and junior high school students of Certificate IV in IT, referring to the results of the 2018 PISA learning procurement level survey. At the time of the survey, he mentioned that while the usage of ICT equipment for learning at school and home was low, the usage rate for entertainment was high, and he mentioned why the GIGA school cert 4 it concept was necessary. He talked about the progress of the GIGA school concept.

Regarding terminals, a five-year plan from 2018 is promoting the development of terminals for each person, which can be said to be a major pillar of the GIGA school cert 4 it concept. Initially, there were remarkable regional differences in the maintenance status, but ” The situation of children and students is changing. According to the Cabinet Office’s last year’s survey, 60% of the use for learning at school is steadily progressing. I found out that it was done “(Mr. Mizuma).

As for other utilization conditions, 95.2% of all elementary and junior high schools are ready to take home as of September 2021 as “utilization such as temporary closure”. According to the survey results as of July of the same year, it was about 65%, so it can be said that the spread has progressed rapidly during the summer vacation period.

In addition, for children/students to take their ICT terminals home and use them at home, it is necessary to have a communication environment at home, but 70% of households that did not have a communication environment as of September 2021 are at school. It is said that it has already been dealt with by lending a router. Currently, the existing subsidy system is being used to support communication costs to support home study for low-income households, and the subsidy amount will be added in the future.

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