March 1, 2024
More than 3 million people watched the Donald Trump CNN town hall, according to Nielsen Media Research, an approximate 300% jump in ratings.

Earlier this week, frustration within and towards CNN crescendoed during a town hall with former President Donald Trump, who quickly filled the time slot with bold promises and controversial soundbites.
More than three million people watched Wednesday night’s town hall, according to Nielsen Media Research, which was an approximate 300% jump in ratings from a typical Wednesday night on CNN.
“They haven’t had viewers like that. CNN’s all-time highest rating was Jan. 6, 2021,” Bryan Suits said on AM 770 KTTH. “That was the highest-rated day in the history of CNN. And it wouldn’t surprise me if last night [was] the second highest, and, of course, MSNBC is all pissed off because they didn’t get [it]. They would have done a Trump town hall [too].”
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One of the controversial moments from the forum was Trump’s comments toward moderator Kaitlan Collins as she attempted to fact-check a series of statements he had previously made.
“A big headline today is he called her nasty,” Suits commented. “Well, anyone who interrupts him, he’s going to call you stupid or fat or nasty. If you’re a woman, you’re nasty. And they were shocked that the audience was on Trump’s side? Well, it’s because you allowed him to invite the bulk of the audience. It was supposed to be voters on the fence, but no one on the fence is going to go to a Trump town hall in New Hampshire, it was conservatives.”
Listen to Suits’ breakdown of the entire townhall below: