14-year-old student allegedly attacks teacher at Alderwood Middle School

A 14-year-old middle school student was arrested for allegedly attacking a teacher Wednesday during the school day.
“During the end of one of our lunch periods today, one of our staff members was physically injured by a student,” a press release sent to parents from the school read. “Nearby staff quickly intervened to calm the situation while we called 911 for support.”
The incident resulted in the arrest and emergency expulsion of the student. The teacher is currently at the hospital. No other students or staff were hurt, according to the school.
“We had some nearby staff who were able to quickly intervene. They calmed the situation down while other staff members were able to call 911,” said Lisa Van Cise, an Edmonds School District spokesperson.
The student has been booked into the Division of Youth Corrections (DYC), according to The Jason Rantz Show. The student is now facing assault charges as of this reporting.
This is a developing story