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Social media marketing campaigns are expected to increase revenue as before and make a lot of money for social media businesses in the years to come. It is estimated that more than 700 million Facebook fans will soon be able to increase the digital marketing agency in lahore’ income thanks to the rewards system included in the company’s dashboard. Fans will be rewarded with a selection of product and service connections, customer-focused products, value and generic products, social coupons, volume orders and revenue. Promoter fans are expected to actively share their interactions with the product or service and participate in other customer service events.

The possibilities of social media marketing 

are discussed in every marketing forum. Happiness makes businesses bigger and smaller by building a social media fan base by devoting more time, money, resources, and a hefty advertising budget to Facebook and its owners. Vendors, PR digital marketing agency in lahore, creative agencies and digital agencies are vying to redefine their role in the emerging event. Because of the change, they lose their position because they have a negative attitude towards the client. Some opened a fan page by opening the company’s website, while others saw a decrease in traffic to their company’s website and established a direct customer relationship based on Facebook. Most don’t want to lose another area.

However, caution is advised

 According to a March survey by the World Federation of Advertisers, less than a quarter of the 3,300 marketers surveyed in the 2011 Social Media digital marketing agency in Pakistan Industry Survey said that marketers spend more on social media over the next 12 months. Marketers are using social media to grow their business, according to a report by Sacharita Molpuro in the Forrester Research Wall Street Journal. Facebook is no longer effective in retaining e-commerce and user loyalty. Published and Paid Research 2011 Exact Purpose and Co. “Businesses struggle to keep up with Facebook,” the tweet read.


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