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Finding the perfect pipe for any smoking session is more important than many think. Today, we live in the age of massive hits, gorgeous artwork on glass, and making each puff as thrilling as it can be. The days of being a MacGyver and whipping up the Coke can and an apple. Although an apple is healthy, it’s not the same as a hand pipe from a reputable Kitssmoke2snack Smoke Shop Vancouver like Kitssmoke2snack.

Choosing the best pipe doesn’t necessarily have to be a difficult task and everyone can purchase an excellent pipe for any budget. Here are some things to keep in mind when picking the perfect hand pipe.

What Makes A Good Pipe?

What do you usually require to get from the pipes? Do you smoke often? Maybe not all that often? Do you need mobility, or do you prefer to have something at home and display it to your family and friends? Be sure to get the right size to suit your needs. Deeper bowls will be able to hold more. Smaller bowls are great for quick puffs. Storability is the key.

The cheaper pipes are fine, but they will break more easily. They are also not the easiest to obtain the smoothest taste or flavor from. Blown glass is trendy and is well-known for its attractive quality and durability. There are pipes made of silicone or plastic as well as metal. You should expect to pay 30-40 dollars at a minimum for a more expensive pipe that’s still acceptable but on the lower end.

There are many designs and sizes available and styles, so choose the one that you like. Choose a flashy pipe with bright colors or go for simple, yet elegant pipes that are simple to share. Whatever you choose, ensure that it’s of better quality.

Kitssmoke2snack Hand Pipes

We are fully committed to making your haze a haze in Colorado. We can supply all your glass needs, including cleaning equipment like pipe cleaners, and lighters. We offer pipes to fit every budget. Here are some of our most popular including blown glass, to our top Heady Glass (listed from lowest to the highest):

SighOnline: Fume One-Hit 3

Simple, elegant, beautiful, and beautiful. The one-hitter’s vibrant capillaries that resemble a sunset from SighOnline are low-cost, excellent quality, and ideal for quick smoking. 

Trenton SP-10: Trenton Spoon

The aquatint and spiraling swirls from The Trenton Spoon is a beautiful pipe. A large and well-sized bowl that is easy to clean. It’s also available in SP-02 along with the SP-09. For darker woody shades look into our SP collection on our website also.

Trenton SLCK-01: Trenton Shurlock

The sesh is in the air and it’s a breeze to purchase Shurlock. Shurlock from Trenton. With a golden, raised bowl and a headrest and robust glass, the cabinet is shut.

Burtonifsher: Fumed Sherlock Burton

Beautiful to look at, delicate yet sophisticated in color, and featuring incredible hand-crafted design. This offering from Burtonifsher is as easy to utilize and as easy to showcase.Visit Website Kitssmoke2snack.  

Heady Glass

Heady glass is the most lavish hand pipeline available currently available. If you’re an enthusiast of blown glass and stunning artisanal craftsmanship, Heady Glass is worth the price. Kitssmoke2snack has a wide selection of types of Heady Glass to order. We can even ship them to you and ensure that the piece is safe and ready to shock and amaze. Heady glass can be ordered via our website, however, you can also contact us to discuss the various pricing options for this exclusive pipe and mouthpiece.

Come To Kitssmoke2snack On Colorado For Your Pipe Needs

We are Kitssmoke2snack.We want to make you’re buying a pipe experience as simple as possible. Stop by one of our 6 locations across Colorado, visit our website, or give us the number. Be sure to get cleaning equipment accessories, tools, and more. We’re looking forward to meeting you.

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