Small Inventions Have A Big Impact On Our Lives

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Among the latest scientific discoveries that are very important to our daily life are devices known as MEMS. MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems) are a technology for children. In Japan, MEMS is also called micromachine. Nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS) and nanotechnology are much smaller.

MEMS consist of components ranging from 1 to 100 microns (i.e., 0.001 to 0.1 mm), while MEMS devices typically range from 20 microns (millions of a meter) to a millimeter. MEMS became practical when it could be produced using modified semiconductor manufacturing techniques commonly used in the manufacture of electronic products.

One of the inventions that have affected our lives is the accelerometer.

Accelerometers measure the acceleration and gravity you experience. Modern accelerometers are typically miniature microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), which are actually the simplest MEMS devices that contain only a cantilever beam with a test weight. Much evidence deviates from the neutral position under the influence of gravity or acceleration. This deviation is measured either analogically or digitally. This method is simple and reliable. It is also inexpensive because no additional processing steps are required.

Micromechanical accelerometers are available in different measurement ranges up to thousands of G. With this amazing little device, we can reap great benefits while underestimating the mundane of our lives.

For example, these advanced scientific devices will tell you when to activate your airbags.

Do you think airbag technology will help? They have become endemic for gaming devices and are also used as interfaces on iPhone and other smartphones. Built into the laptop, it detects screen orientation and holds the hard drive head in case of drop detection. It is also used for image stabilization in digital cameras and other applications. They are everywhere these days.

Pressure sensors are another area where MEMS comes into play.

MEMS technology combines microelectronics and small mechanical systems such as valves, gears and other mechanical components on a single semiconductor chip that uses nanotechnology to measure pressure. Pressure sensors can be used for direct pressure sensing in applications such as meteorological data measurement, aircraft performance parameters, automotive processes, medical devices and other mechanical applications.

These scientific advances can be used to determine the altitude of airplanes, rockets, satellites, balloons, and more. Finally, it can be used for flow detection. MEMS technology is responsible for everything from automatic tire gauges to monitoring tire pressures in vehicles.

I just mentioned a recent scientific discovery in the field of MEMS, thinking about military and warfare applications of this technology, things like smart suits and smart armor are being studied.

We use these technologies to study the deep sea, find whales and fish, and use wireless technology to track them. All fields of science will continue to benefit from the amazing new inventions created by these amazing and surprising new technologies.

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