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Give yourself a more beautiful smile

Vasa Viktoria Tandvård performs shell veneers at our clinic in Gothenburg . 

Shell veneers are a thin shell, either made of ceramic material or of composite that is produced individually for each patient and tooth directly in Gothenburg. The fit for your shell facade is therefore always perfect.

The shell facades work much like loose nails in porcelain. 

They hide cracks, ugly fillings, large gaps, or teeth that have darkened after an injury and you do not have to worry about dropping them. Once a veneer is attached, it acts as part of the tooth.

Correct discoloration, gaps, irregularities, and ugly fillings. At Vaasa Viktoria Tandvård in Gothenburg, we have extensive experience from handling shell facades.

Similar structure

Shell veneers that we make at our clinic in Gothenburg are mainly front teeth and there are many different reasons why a patient chooses to insert them. 

They work e.g. as a replacement for a rejected tooth piece, or as a widening to fill in a disturbing gap. With the help of well-proven methods, we make sure that your shell facades sit tight and do not come loose. 

The result is very natural, thanks to the fact that the facade is similar to the tooth’s own structure. A facade is bonded (glued) to its own tooth surface. The bonding strength is so high that it can not come loose.

Shell facades in Gothenburg – How it works, step by step

  1. You come for a free consultation for shell facades to our clinic in Gothenburg,
    the idea of ​​the visit is you should be able to express how you want your smile to look. We photograph you and go through what alternative treatments are available, what it costs, and how long the treatment takes.
  2. Now our dental technician has made a model in wax on how the finished intended result should be.
    We also do a temporary build-up on your own teeth so you can see what it looks like in place in the mouth without us having to grind or numb. Below you can see examples of this.
  3. Now we are making an impression on the facades. If a tooth is outside the imaginary arch, you need to grind it, otherwise, it is not normally needed. Our technician can make facades that are 0.2mm thin.
  4. Time for bonding. We try in the facades, u get to look in the mirror and feel so everything feels good. Then the facades are bonded and now sit very hard.

  5. A return visit to check that everything feels good.

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