Seattle area experiences first 6 p.m. sunset of 2023

You know you’re from Seattle when the first post-6 p.m. sunset of the year is a notable occasion. Sunday night marks the first post-6 p.m. sunset since Oct. 26, 2022.
We’re also only a week away from our first post-7 p.m. sunset with Daylight Saving Time around the corner.
Seattle finally experiences first 5 p.m. sunset of 2023
Each day, Seattle gains approximately 2.5 minutes of daylight. This will continue until mid-March, when Seattle gains 3.5 minutes of sunlight per day through June 21 — the day Seattle has nearly 16 hours of sunlight and a 9 p.m. sunset.
For those looking for the best view of said sunset, Discovery Park was ranked the most breathtaking location for watching the sun fall into the horizon, according to Holidify. Other listed were Sunset Hill Park, Kerry Park, Gas Works Park, and Alki Beach.
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