Rules for Safe Play

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I might think I would like to go on a merry-go-round with the older kids, but I don’t have very strong arms and I might fall off when it’s going very fast.  I could break a bone or hurt my head.  It would be much safer for me to play in the sandbox or have you push me a little in a bucket swing.

When I get to go to the playground, I get very excited and like to run around.

I might forget that the kids on swings can’t stop in time if I go running by.  I think I can make it, but I can’t understand how fast it’s going and how long it will take me to get by.  You need to follow me and warn me about moving objects like swings.  Also, I shouldn’t stand at the bottom of slides to wait for my friends, they might run into me and I could get hurt.

It’s fun to run across the play structures and swing off of ropes and poles, but I am still too little to make my arms and legs work together properly to safely play on these kinds of equipment.  Wait until I am older to let me try out these types of equipment.

There is so much to do and see when I get to the 꽁머니 that you might have trouble keeping an eye on me, I change my mind quickly and can move fast when you’re not looking.  Make sure that you keep your eyes on me at all times and stay within catching distance in case I fall.

School Aged Children (Aged 5-9 years)

Child on SwingWhen I am at the playground, I like to jump, run and climb. I love to take risks and don’t understand what danger is, or how badly I could get hurt by falling off playground equipment.  You need to watch me play and remind me to play safely with my friends.

There are so many things to do and a lot of kids playing at the playground that I am easily distracted and might forget about the rules of safety we talked about before going to the playground.  Please remind my friends and I about how to play safe a few times while we are at the playground.

I also like to show off to my friends, because everyone is learning how to do new things while we are at the playground.  I might try and jump off swings or high climbing structures.  Just remember that I am learning to try new things and getting stronger, but I still need you to watch me play and stay close to me.

As a boy, I may seem to be a little rougher with my friends.  I might need to be reminded not to push or pull on my friends, especially when on top of play equipment like monkey bars or a climbing structure.


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