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Summary of relaxing massage

Relaxation massage is a manual therapy aimed at improving health, as its main purpose is to increase the production of endorphins in the body.

Massage is a method of assessing and manually treating sick and prone areas of the human body to relieve pain, relieve or relieve muscle tension, and improve and relax blood and lymph circulation. 

In conclusion, the main purpose of relaxation 안마is to relieve tension and relax the mind by prioritizing operation and gentle movements rather than sudden energetic movements reserved for more therapeutic or relaxing massages. 

The origin of relaxing massage

Today, in all major cities, you can find massage offers from all over the world, from Far Eastern countries such as Japan and China to Hawaii, the United States and even African technology. The education, knowledge, training, and experience of each therapist allow the therapist to use a given technique more or less comfortably. This definition focuses on relaxing massage, starting with etymology, goals, treatments, indications and contraindications.

The word massage comes from the Korean word “massage”, which is derived from the verb “massage” (kneading, making dough) that simulates the kneading operation performed during a massage. There are two theories about its earliest origins. One comes from the Greek word for “mass”, which means “mass”, and the other comes from the Arabic etymology “mass”. In any case, both meanings refer to the technique of manual contact and manipulation of the body of the tester or animal.

In this definition, the word “relax”, which is an adjective associated with massage, is derived from the Latin word “relax”, which means intensive relaxation.

Therefore, considering the etymology of these two words, massage can be said to be a method of manually assessing and treating diseased or prone parts of the human body in order to reduce, reduce or eliminate pain. It improves tension, blood and lymph circulation and relieves stress, anxiety and daily tension.

How is this massage done?

The main purpose of relaxation massage is to relieve tension and relax the state of mind by prioritizing manipulation and gentle movements over sudden strenuous movements reserved for more therapeutic or relaxing massages. 

Relaxing massages are most often done at the massage table. The body part to be treated is exposed by gentle and superficial manipulation, constantly giving the patient a subtle and soothing sensory stimulus to add value to the sense of smell, hearing and vision. ..

For this reason, it is important to have a massage booth that acts on the human body with a relaxing environment, proper temperature, aesthetics, soft music, and the scent of oil used to make the person feel as comfortable as possible. He can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing time.

Who is the relaxing massage?

Relaxation massage is available to anyone who likes this technique, but especially for healthy people with personal or professional pressure, tension, stress, anxiety, mild depression, or poor circulation. .. And / or muscles (neck pain, back pain, or back pain) are mild. Under no circumstances should a relaxing massage replace treatment or medical visits.

Pregnant women need doctor’s approval for a relaxing massage. Therapists should advise not to use essential oils for treatment, as both pregnant and lactating women can harm the fetus and baby. Similarly, people who are locally allergic to nuts and have skin allergies or hypersensitivity should be advised to use the safest oils for chiropractors anyway.

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