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How many times have you found yourself at the limit without knowing very well how to deal with the situation? Especially on those occasions when you do not recognize a serious problem as the source of your discomfort, which goes from the physical to the emotional and mental plane, making a dent in all plots. Reconnecting with yourself and with your body at times like this is essential to address states of this type, in which you feel adrift. Practicing disciplines where you work on your self in an integral way, such as yoga or seeking the help of a psychotherapist to guide you in the exit process, are good decisions.

In this sense, there are also a good number of alternative therapies

that you can use to ‘rebalance yourself’, which are not a cure but a tool to prepare your body and mind for the challenge. One of them is shiatsu, which you have surely heard of but you may not know how to define it correctly. Shiatsu means, etymologically, “finger pressure”, which points directly to the method used to practice it: acupressure. It is a manual therapy, a therapeutic massage, whose objective is to harmonize body, mind and emotion through contact and stimulation of energy channels (meridians) and specific points (tsubos).

As it is known today, it originated in Japan at the end of the 19th century,

although it drinks from traditional Japanese massage, but it is a living technique that has fed on other Eastern currents such as traditional Chinese medicine as well as Western techniques of Contact. As its linguistic root indicates, it is based on pressure, which can be done with the fingers, mainly the thumbs, but also with the feet, elbows, knees or the palms of the hands. Unlike other 마사지 techniques, shiatsu works in a subtle and intuitive way. It is not only indicated to treat physical discomfort but also seeks internal energy to flow , favoring balance and channeling, almost as a technique at the service of personal growth. What characterizes this type of massage?

According to Irma Banquet, director of the Health & Welles Assure center in Madrid,

shiatsu not only acts at the oyster-muscular level but also on the different systems of the body: nervous, blood, lymphatic and hormonal, it even positively influences the immune system, contributing to reinforce it. According to the expert, its main characteristics would be the following:

It is a comprehensive treatment because it treats and prevents at the same time

The pressures that are made throughout the body have a profound effect; they do not act only at the muscular level, but also at the level of the central and peripheral nervous system, and in the internal organs by the so-called viscerocutaneous reflex.

It has no age limit and can be requested by adults, children and the elderly, looking for a different objective in each case.

Induces the patient to take a slower and deeper breath, which allows greater oxygenation and promotes deep relaxation And what are its therapeutic indications?

Back ailments and pathologies
  • circulatory disorders
  • Fluid retention
  • muscle disorders
  • Digestive problems
  • Menstrual and premenstrual disorders
  • In postpartum preparation
  • Nervous system disorders such as stress, anxiety and insomnia
  • Strengthens the immune system



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