December 8, 2023
A King County staff member is in hot water for an alleged "troubling act of vandalism," after tearing down a 'woke flyer.'

A King County staff member is in hot water for an alleged “troubling act of vandalism.” He is accused of tearing down several woke flyers that further promote racial division. While the employee shouldn’t have torn down any flyers, it was only a matter of time before sane staff revolted against the county’s woke agenda.
The Black/African Women Affinity Group, which is intended to exclude all but black female employees, posted flyers promoting a survey titled Black Women’s Experience Project. So that the county doesn’t get sued for discrimination, the group is required to open the survey to all employees. But the survey’s intent is clear: they only want to hear from black women, as not so subtly depicted in the flyer’s text, photos, and questions exclusively for “members of a marginalized group.”
“The Black/African Women Affinity Group is conducting a study to understand the current state of Black women employed at King County so that we may provide recommendations to address any potential inequities that may emerge and promote a healthy workplace culture that supports Black/African women and, therefore all people employed at King County,” the flyer reads.

Anti-woke culprit identified
Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention director Allen Nance informed staff via a memo of the vandalism.
“Multiple posters in staff areas of the King County Correctional Facility were ripped in what appears to be an attempt to deliberately deface them and prevent staff from accessing the QR code. This kind of behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. All approved fliers and other materials from employee groups should be treated with respect, regardless of affiliation,” he said.
Nance noted, “the available evidence links one DAJD employee to the recent vandalism.” The staff member now faces discipline up to termination, especially if they pretend this was a racist act and not one motivated by what seems like an obvious case of annoyance with the county’s obsession with race.

Pretending this isn’t a survey for black women
In a statement to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH, a DAJD spokesperson underscores the race-based affinity group’s messaging that notes the survey is open to everyone. It echoed the same statement from Nance in the memo.
“As noted in the survey itself and the employee messaging (twice in King County’s all-employee newsletter), the survey is open to all employees,” the spokesperson explained.
But if the survey is open to everyone, then why is its vandalism treated as targeting black women? Nance’s memo even explains that after the incident, the DAJD remained committed to “implementing anti-racist policies in the workplace.” The county has previously been in hot water for race-based meetings after the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH exclusively reported staff banned white people from a group meeting and then tried to cover it up.

Questions were meant to exclude white people
All the questions on the survey are optional, but it asks for the employee’s race and gender, which allows the group to filter out the responses from black women. Questions include whether or not there are “hurdles to training and development related to your background or identity,” which implies work training should be segregated by identity. It also asks if the employees feel as though “gender diversity is well represented in the leadership structure” and if their race or gender has impeded their career growth.
The survey appears written to look for racism where none exists. But it also underscores the fact that white people were not intended to fill out the survey.
It asks if the staff member was subjected to “microaggressions,” a term used when a wokescold feigns anger for a comment or question they deem as “subtle, or unintentional discrimination against members of a marginalized group.” If a white person denies being racially biased, race extremists deem it as a microaggression. It also asks if the employee has ever experienced “ethnically discriminatory dress code policies.”
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Understandable anger
King County government is singularly focused on signaling its support of “marginalized communities.” Fulfilling its duties to the greater public come second. The only people who could complain about racism in that workforce are perpetually unhappy employee activists looking to complain about whatever they can.
I can understand why someone might be annoyed by a survey that further underscores how race-obsessed and divisive the county leadership and staff have become. Assuming the accused is white and straight, I imagine it becomes tiresome to be constantly portrayed as an oppressor by management and coworkers. Director Nance has gone out of his way to push a radical left-wing social justice agenda to run his department. It’s largely why the department is suffering from a dire staffing crisis; it explains why so many current staff are miserable working for him.
The accused allowed emotion to get the better of him. He should have recognized that initiatives like that survey are intended to get under his skin. By taking down the flyers, his radical left coworkers can now pretend they’re victims of racism when they’re merely victims of their own irrational and insufferable activism.
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