Rantz: Gov. Inslee ignorantly compares Jan. 6 riot to Russia invading Ukraine

Governor Jay Inslee can’t identify Ukraine on a map but wants Washingtonians to know he stands firm with Ukrainians. After all, Inslee knows what it’s like fighting for democracy. The governor is now pretending Russia’s assault on Ukraine is similar to unarmed Americans rioting at the U.S. Capitol on January 6.
Inslee hosted Finnish President Sauli Niinistö at the state capitol for a legislative address and press conference. It was the first time a foreign leader addressed the state Legislature. The focus of the remarks was on energy and climate change, as we’re partners with the country on transportation and technology. But a reporter asked Niinistö to reflect on Russia’s war with Ukraine.
After appearing to forget Inslee’s name, the president explained the war is about maintaining democracy. Inslee, eager for a cabinet position within the Biden administration, jumped in to establish his geopolitical bona fides.
War in Ukraine is like January 6?
Inslee’s response was meandering and, at times, nonsensical. But his bizarre comparison between the war in Ukraine to the riot on January 6 should earn some raised eyebrows.
“Gravity is fixed, and nobody thinks it’s at risk. But democracy is not fist… fixed, and democracy is at risk,” Inslee said. “And the attack on democracy that’s going on in Ukraine right now, to some degree, is similar to the attack on January 6 on the U.S. Capitol. That there is alive, unfortunately, and well, on the planet, efforts to diminish the sanctity of democracy, at least in my view, and I think the state of Washington. That’s why Washingtonians are standing so strongly for the people of Ukraine, in addition to the recognition of the courage that they’ve seen from Zelensky, and the whole Ukrainian people. So I think that’s what’s at stake, and that’s why Washington state is so committed to standing with Finland and Ukraine.”
How little understanding does Inslee have about current events? There is no comparison between the war and the riot. And Democracy was never on the line on January 6 — if it was, we’d be in considerable trouble.

January 6 as a political tool
Russia is armed with tanks, missiles, and guns. That’s in no way comparable to middle-aged to elderly men and women, a handful with clubs and pepper spray, at the U.S. Capitol. Hundreds of thousands of Russian soldiers and Ukrainian civilians have been wounded or killed. The rioters didn’t kill anyone. In fact, the only death on January 6 directly tied to the riot was one of the so-called “insurrectionists.” The war in Ukraine is over a year old. The riot Inslee pretends posed an existential threat to our government institutions was over in a few hours.
Russia’s military is an actual threat to Ukraine. A few hundred or thousand people who entered the Capitol posed no threat to American democracy. Democrats, including Inslee, know this. But the truth conflicts with a politically scripted narrative meant to diminish the left’s political opposition.
You’re not supposed to criticize the hyperbole used to describe January 6 riot. If you do, you risk bad-faith partisans ignorantly claiming you support an “insurrection,” a word redefined by Democrats to inflict political consequences on their adversaries. The media has played along, knowingly reporting untruths as a way to criticize then-president Donald Trump and his supporters.
Inslee is pushing a narrative about January 6 for purely political reasons. It’s the same reason why he pretends to care about Ukraine. Anyone with true concern over innocent Ukrainians being killed wouldn’t make such a ludicrous comparison.
It’s all political
There’s a way to have honest conversations about January 6. Too many Democrats refuse to do that.
January 6 was a riot that should have never happened. Capitol Police did suffer attacks by a small but dangerous group in the crowd. Each and every person who broke the law should suffer legal consequences commensurate with the seriousness of the crime. That is also true of Antifa violence. But Democrats don’t hold that position because left-wing violence benefited their cause. It also got in the way of their “right-wing violence” narrative.
Partisan Democrats like Inslee are unthreatened by right-wing violence. They simply use the riot as a tool to attack the Right; to forward a false claim that right-wing, white supremacy violence is the greatest threat to the country. For as big of a threat right-wing, white supremacy violence is, we haven’t had many instances of it breaking out, have we? It exists, of course. But nowhere near the levels claimed.
Left-wing violence
What we continue to witness is left-wing violence. But it’s not taken seriously by Democrats or the media.
Seattle, Portland, and other cities saw months of sustained left-wing domestic terrorism by Antifa, which Democrats and media pretend doesn’t exist, and Black Lives Matter radicals, who they defended. These radicals murdered people, attempted to murder and injure cops, burned down buildings, rioted and threatened their perceived political opponents.
Then, after Roe v Wade was overturned, left-wing terrorist group Jane’s Revenge vandalized and firebombed crisis pregnancy centers. There have been few arrests with the U.S. Attorney General claiming it’s too hard to investigate crimes that occur at night.
The violence was met with virtual silence from Democrats. Media coverage downplayed the threat. You had a domestic terrorist attack in Atlanta this week and media outlets mostly ignored it. No Democrat called out the attempted “insurrection” where weapons were actually used with the sole purpose of hurting or killing Atlanta police officers.
We should criticize any violence on January 6. We should do the same for left-wing violence. But Democrats are singularly focused. If Democrats are so concerned with political violence as a threat to democracy, why aren’t they vocal about Antifa, Jane’s Revenge, BLM radicals, and others? Because they’re not actually concerned about a threat to democracy. They just feign concern to manipulate you into giving them power. Inslee is a small — and insignificant — piece of that strategy.
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