May 21, 2024
At first glance, they could have been candy -- Marysville Police found brightly-colored rainbow fentanyl pills in a Tic Tac container.

Beware of brightly-colored pills that look good enough to eat, they could be extremely lethal drugs.
During a recent arrest of a man who is suspected of selling drugs, Marysville police officers found he was carrying a Fruit Adventure Tic Tac container full of little tablets in every color of the rainbow. However, the tablets were not cherry- and mango-flavored candy.
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“Inside of that container were exactly 189 ‘rainbow fentanyl’ pills,” said Marysville Police Officer TJ San Miguel.

BE AWARE: Fentanyl pills, known as Rainbow Fentanyl, have been found and confiscated by our officers.
During “Operation Clean Sweep” on Friday, 28 grams of meth and 200+ fentanyl pills were confiscated, along with:
⚠️8 arrests
⚠️37 contacts
⚠️3 drug referrals
⚠️1 seized car
— Marysville Police (@MarysvilleWAPD) March 27, 2023
On close inspection, a person can see the counterfeit “M30” stamp on the pill — which in itself is a disguise as prescription oxycodone pills.
But at first glance, the pills look like candy — exactly why police were afraid that kids might come into contact with them.
“It’s really the color and how these things present that caused that concern, that they could be targeted more toward children to young adults,” San Miguel said.
That was especially a worry because police believe the man arrested was selling the pills to members of the community.
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“It was clear, based off of a couple of things, that he wasn’t just a user — he was also clearly selling these things and some other drugs,” San Miguel said. “We found 28 grams of methamphetamine on him also.”
A single pill laced with fentanyl can be enough to kill a person. Marysville Police arrested seven other people in Friday’s drug sweep and seized a car.
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