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On an e-commerce website, the shopping cart experience is integral to customer satisfaction, customer retention, visitor conversions, and subsequent revenue generation for the company. In many ways, the shopping cart is the framework of online retail operations for e-commerce companies. 

Like brick-and-mortar stores, the digital shopping cart replicates in-store operations for store owners and the in-store experience for customers. But that’s not all; the online shopping cart comes without many of the inconveniences of shopping in a brick-and-mortar store. 

It creates a remote shopping experience that accounts for all if not most of the access to information and identification of all items on sale. The Online shopping cart is intended to be a quick and hassle-free experience for online shoppers while adding to the convenience of trade for e-shops. 

Bearing all of the above in mind, let’s look at the customer and business-friendly qualities to integrate into your e-commerce shopping cart. 

Make Buying Easier 

Even on e-commerce websites, which are supposed to improve the shopping experience, visitor-to-customer conversion rates are often poor. Many e-commerce websites simply fail to curate a customer-friendly shopping experience. 

An intrinsic aspect of e-commerce development solutions is a focus on shopping cart development. All efforts in this direction aim to better the online shopping experience for customers and add to the convenience of selling online for retailers. Shopping cart development requires the integration of qualities that meet business and conversion-centric goals. Read further for cart features that can easily make the online buying and selling experience more rewarding for both customers and retailers. 

Cart View 

Visuals go a long way in adding to the online shopping experience on your website. It helps to let your customer see what they are buying, especially so when they are making multiple purchases. When shopping, a customer should be able to have a visual cue to suggest the number and nature of items added to the cart, or the amount spent at any given time. This allows your customer to make informed shopping decisions and to stop shopping at any time. The alternative is often a customer abandoning all intended purchases on the payment page, which is something you do not want.  

A big part of the cart view you want to present is clear links and icons for shoppers to click on and clear pricing. You don’t want your customer wasting time looking for inconspicuous links and icons. Neither do you want your customer to abandon you at payment point, owing to pricing inconsistencies? Overall, you want to make your shopping card instantly recognizable and curate a seamless shopping experience. 


In a brick-and-mortar store, at the point of payment, most shoppers look over all intended purchases one last time before making payments. The visuals help them determine that the items purchased are worth the money paid for them. 

Ecommerce development solutions also favor adding photos of items added to the shopping cart, this allows your customer to look over products intended for purchase, reconfirm purchase decisions, and make payments. 

Subsequently, you can add images and links of items purchased to tracking and purchase notification emails to ensure customers remain confident in their purchase decisions.

Delivery and Payment Options 

The leading online retailers offer a range of delivery options, be it 1-2 day shipping or standard shipping. Likewise, these retailers offer a range of payment options, including cash on delivery, easy monthly installments, and payments by credit or debit cards.

Major retailers understand the customer’s need for choice and do not disappoint. Furthermore, their shopping carts reflect customer needs and efforts towards meeting the same. Give your customers every option they require when they get to your Online shopping cart. All features detailed integrate into the idea of easy buying and selling on the internet. Moreover, these features work to promote visitor-to-customer conversion. 


Q: How do I self-develop my shopping cart?

A: Many e-commerce development platforms offer e-stores the opportunity to self-develop their storefronts using various shopping cart development features, themes, plug-ins, and more. 

Q: What makes a great online shopping cart? 

A: Creating a seamless shopping experience using viable shopping cart development solutions is the way to better your shopping cart. 

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