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Want to enjoy fantasy games like cricket but can’t manage time? Yes, is the answer you need. This is the place where your favorite fairy tale games live. Enjoy playing cricket, Fantasy Football, and Kabaddi of Dreams right on your device. Choose the teams you like and play the game.The official BMG app can only be downloaded & win real cash from our website.

The Fantasy game app that lets you play for real money is not available in the Google Play Store., part of Baazigames, brings you the best fairy tale games in your hands. We are committed to providing a game-like feel to BalleBaazi, India’s largest rummy stadium with 10+ Million players. Register with us, pick a game and win cash every day. Do not wait any longer. Join us now and enjoy the fantasy games.


Fantasy games improve your skill level and allow you to win real money prizes. False cricket and soccer and any fantasy games often improve your skills and allow you to win real money prizes. We offer you a safe and secure platform to enjoy online fiction games in your spare time. Get started with the game immediately and join the famous Indian cricket stadium and enjoy real action and fun.


What is Fantasy Cricket?


Fantasy Cricket, as the name suggests, is an ancient online game where you can build a visual cricket team of 11 players in the next real-life game. The process of playing league cricket is very simple. Your main goal is to get as many points as possible and get a place on the leadership board by beating your opponents.


In this case, you have to select the top 11 players from the two teams that play the game on a particular day. Then choose a captain and a deputy captain in the team and close the team. Points are earned depending on how the players you choose perform. There are different sets of running points, wickets and catches, among other parameters.


Fantasy Cricket is a pure skill game that requires careful analysis and good knowledge of the game. The XI selection of the false league you play depends on a number of factors, including field, conditions, current type of players and toss. For example, on a rainy day, you should go with a soccer team to your fantasy club because it is more likely to have an impact. Likewise, on a dry and damp day, the batterers should control your team. If it is a popular T20 league like the IPL, you have built the team of your dreams, and have more players on your team.


Online fantasy cricket has shown tremendous growth over the past few years in India. But what makes fantasy cricket so exciting?


No boring games: Cricket can sometimes be boring, especially in the long run. However, now that you have your fantasy team, you will always be involved in sports, tracking how well-selected players play.


Use all your cricket knowledge and win real money and rewards: fantasy Cricket in the MPL gives you a platform to bring all the cricket knowledge you have. Build your fantasy cricket team and win prizes of pride not only on your friends but also for real money prizes.


YOUR TEAM: You are the selector, you are the manager, you are the creator! How good is it to build your fantasy cricket team and see the players you choose help you win cash? It’s like having your own IPL team.


Play Fantasy Cricket Online In BMG & Win Big app

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch not only live cricket but also be a selector, organize your team and win real money with fun games? Fantasy cricket in India is trending for all the right reasons. BMG is one of the most amazing cricket apps, taking your love of the game to the next level. Get started by downloading the BMG fantasy cricket app, build your IPL fantasy team or any other fantasy league, and win real money every day.


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