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You already know at least one android box brand. Then I would like to introduce you the latest model Z8 4K UHD under the Formula brand. In short, it’s a powerful IPTV device.

If you want to watch 4K movies without picture or sound problems, this Android box is for you. This device is particularly good for streaming to IPTV, so if you’re a big gamer then go your own way.

This little gem costs around $150 and can easily be purchased from Formuler Store 4u or a similar store. Even with resolutions below 4K, the picture and sound quality are excellent.

Introducing the Formuler Z8 TV

Formuler Z8 Pro IPTV Box is an Android device that allows you to watch streaming programs and subscribe to IPTV. Its design is elegant and has a very visual line at the top of the box.

There is a dual-band antenna on the back of the box. Thanks to this detail, this device can receive Wi-Fi waves really easily. And thanks to this detail, IPTV streaming works perfectly when reading or streaming. Its dimensions are 105mm*105mm*22mm. It’s a square IPTV box.

When the antenna is extended, 22 mm becomes 121 mm. After unpacking, you will receive a Formula Z8 IPTV box, a remote control, two batteries for the remote control, an HDMI cable, a power cable, an antenna, an extension cable for the remote control and a user manual.

Installation and Features

For the installation procedure, refer to the user manual included in the package. Follow the instructions to get the Formula Z8 IPTV Box up and running. Overall, connecting devices is very easy.

The steps that require minimal concentration are application installation and file management. If you follow the instructions, there is no problem with the correct installation. Functionally, this IPTV box offers classics and novelties.

The remote control makes it easy to navigate the main interface and various applications. The Z8 runs on Android Oreo, version 8 of the operating system.

For example, you can use this device to display images, watch videos recorded on the hard drive, or watch real-time videos. First of all, it allows you to access IPTV that is available over the internet through television. You can use this IPTV device to play video games, but there are some limitations in this regard.

Is Formuler Z8 4K required for IPTV?

Yes, the IPTV Box 4K Z8 meets the expectations of IPTV users very well. Thanks to the Wi-Fi antenna and LAN connection, streaming and live videos also run smoothly in 4K.

Very high quality pictures and sounds. To get the most out of the Z8 4K UHD’s performance, we recommend the best IPTV subscriptions and the best apps.

Where can I buy this Android TV Box at the best price?

As always, you can find our selection on Formuler Store 4u, the largest online sales platform. Why this choice? Simply put, Formuler Store 4u offers the highest prices on the market, especially during the holiday season when sales can top 50%.

In addition, Formuler Store 4u also offers a manufacturer’s warranty, returns and refunds. Do you have another question? However, please note that you are purchasing a Formula Z8 TV Box sold and distributed only by Formuler Store 4u and not by a third party.

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