December 8, 2023
A recent poll from Axios asked readers what the state smell of Washington should be. The answer may not come as much of a surprise.

A recent poll from Axios asked people what the state smell of Washington should be.
Readers were quick to brew up the aroma: coffee!
Making ‘scents’ of how Seattle smelled a century ago
Stands to reason, because of Starbucks and all the other homegrown coffee shops like Top Pot, Sounds & Fog, or Victrola Coffee Roaster. However, Evergreen trees were a close second. So, coffee and trees. Sounds like a new candle in the making – or maybe not.
The thought of Washington and the aroma of coffee does seem satisfying, doesn’t it? One has to wonder if the smell of rain made the top of the list as well.
One thing is for sure, at least the readers didn’t choose the smell of marijuana like Colorado did. (Although we are sure it was one of the suggestions.)
According to The Hill, New Mexico considers the aroma of roasted chile as their “un-official” scent…green ones to be exact.
Texas’ aroma is unofficially the Bluebonnet flower which happens to be the state flower. Our sister state to the south, Oregon, is the Heartwood.
Some say that California’s signature scent is grape bubble gum.
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So KIRO listeners, if you could choose Washington’s state aroma, what would it be?

Washington smells like:
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