December 4, 2023
If you live near a Navy base like naval station Everett and you hear sirens this week -- it's not an emergency.

If you live near a Navy base like naval base Kitsap, Bremerton, or naval station Everett and you hear sirens or gunfire on the base this week — it’s not an emergency.
It’s the Navy’s annual anti-terrorism exercise, designed to get ready for potential security threats. The exercises are happening between Feb. 6 to 17 and are known as Citadel Shield-Solid Curtain 2023.
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The Navy says there will also be mass warning announcements and active vehicle’s responding around the base and harbors.
“Area residents may also see or hear security and other first responder activities associated with the exercise, including potentially seeing training smoke, hearing small explosive sounds or emergency notification loudspeaker announcements, and observing increased response vehicle or vessel activity on or near an installation,” they announced in a press release. “The simulations are part of the training exercise and pose no safety risk. Advanced coordination has taken place with local law enforcement and first responders.”
There may be times when there is more traffic around bases or delays to base access due to gate closures or security-related activities.
The annual exercise helps ensure Navy personnel are trained and ready to respond to a security threat, Navy officials said.