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The Shanling M0 , despite the humility of its proposal, is a real pickle. Suffice it to say that it is the MP3 player of which we have sold the most units in the shortest time in the entire history of the store, with 60% of the stock reserved for weeks before it went on the market.

What does the Shanling M0 have to like it so much? It is very cheap, very small and very simple to operate. It also has an excellent aluminum construction and has accessories such as clips and covers to use it in any situation. Another thing that sets it apart is that it includes all the latest wireless codecs like aptX or LDAC to get the most out of your bluetooth headset . And of course it sounds great through the headphone output, with more than enough power to get a good volume with any in-ear or portable headphone.

In the technical section, mount a Hafiz SOC ESS Saber ES9218P.

It is a chip that integrates DAC and amplifier. It’s a simple solution compared to that offered by larger and more expensive HIFI players , such as the Shanling M6 , which mounts two much more advanced DACs together with a discrete amplifier section. In return, the Shanling M0 gives up to 15 hours of playback and a power of 2V in a device of just 40gr and 4x4cm. To give you an idea, the  ES9218P  is the same integrated as the LG V Series phones, smart phones that are widely recognized for their excellent sound.

If you want an MP3 player to play sports or go around without depending on your phone, a small size and a sound and construction quality far superior to anything else of similar price, the Shanling M0 is what you are looking for.


Created and released via Kickstarter in early 2020, the Shanling Q1 is a beautifully retro-styled player that offers the basic features that most people are looking for and many others that extend its possibilities to where you want. It features a 3.5mm single-ended output that provides plenty of power for portable headphones and also acts as a menu-selectable line-out, an excellent display, and several days of battery life. It also comes with the best codecs for Bluetooth audio, aptX and LDAC, you can use it as a DAC/Amp on your PC or Mac computer, it is a Bluetooth receiver to be able to send mp3 song download from your phone, for example from Spotify, and take advantage of its headphone output …it’s like a Swiss army knife of sound.

In the technical section, it mounts an ESS mid-high range DAC+Amp ES9218P processor and is possibly the best economical option to power multidriver in-ear headphones thanks to the very low noise and distortion it achieves.

The Shanling Q1 is what you ask for so many times and get so few: a good, nice and cheap device.


Shanling M6

Simply the most advanced HIFI player ever created by the brand. The Shanling M6 is currently the most advanced mid-range player, with Android operation that beats all its rivals and audio performance that in many ways nearly matches the iBasso DX220 .

The Shanling M6 condenses the best of the Shanling M5s and multiplies it by a thousand in both sound and usability. In sound, the balanced 4.4mm pentacom output, the dual AKM AK4495SEQ DAC and all the high-end watermarks never seen in a player of this price, such as HiEnd Silmic II output capacitors, KDS oscillators or the completely copper electronic shielding They put you ahead of all the competition. In operation, Snapdragon processor with 4gb of RAM , 32gb of internal memory, 4000mah battery (up to 12h of playback), the latest Android available with a fully unlocked sound system, without resamplingup to 768hz, Bluetooth 5.0 and the most advanced wireless sound technologies, such as aptX and LDAC, as well as including the rare and expensive aptX HD, high-end Sharp screen, QC3.0 fast charging, dual 5G WIFI… I better stop because the Shanling M6 is a non stop.

To all this we must add the usual precision and detail in the manufacturing that Shanling always offers and that is noticeable in details such as the curved shapes, in how glass and metal are inserted or the perfection of the touch of the volume wheel. In short, a player with many virtues and no flaws that becomes, waiting for the future Shanling M6 PRO , Shanling’s masterpiece.

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