Many athletes in the area also ignore school, preferring football!

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However, if you are creative in this field, you can take your players to the next level in sports! Empty leisure is not enough: if other activities do not encourage him, he is often discouraged and treated again.

Motivated to work

In order to succeed in sports for a long time, professionals must be fully committed to their 스포츠중계 in order to perform well over time. This is one of the reasons why so many people will soon dream of a great academic career, even if it is only a small part.

This one-sided approach is not unique to successful companies. Coaches at national or regional level even know young players who start school and friendships before football, hoping to pursue a career at a higher average or even amateur level.

Children are not small adults – and young talents are

Not yet a professional! Therefore, the coach must pay special attention to this process! Especially if a player already knows that he has the right to make mistakes, that his career and development do not depend entirely on the number of victories and that he can grow in peace, then the ancestor coerces his circumstances a year with Taurus. With four (I …… all walks of life!) detours.

A coach can handle pressure in a number of ways

A young footballer in the “Player of the Month” category, someone who achieves not only great sports but also great academic, social or personal achievements: not only the most decisive, but also the most z. . . . B. Get a good academic degree or save your opponent from unauthorized dismissal, earned reward!

Emotional conflict – coach as a mentor! Emotional conflict can occur when an athlete recovers from an injury, fails at work, or examines his or her accomplishments. Here, players see the coach in particular: what is he?

These coaches are humble and down to earth and not arrogant

If they win and remain loyal in the event of a loss, they can expect the same from their players. The trainer should always be aware of his model work! Cancer trainers should not be surprised if they are emotionally moved and lose their head in difficult situations.

The question also arises for all young people: who do I want to be when I grow up? What I do after school Many young people are still unable to form clear ideas for the future on their own. As a coach, you need to build a trusting relationship with the players, communicate openly and calmly with them and their parents, and most importantly, respond to them individually.


Don’t leave young players alone with your worries and needs!

If players trust their coaches, it can also be a link to non-sporting challenges. It is not uncommon for them to seek advice on personal matters because they feel they are in good hands. Here it is important to listen and be as helpful as possible – even if you are advising and participating or referring to an external expert!

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