Main functions of the soccer coach

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The successful coach does not stop learning, always looking for new sources of learning, watching training from other coaches, reading books, taking courses and constantly seeking to improve their knowledge.


The successful coach has the ability to communicate, he knows that all his knowledge is worth nothing if he is not able to transmit it. He strives to improve his communication skills, he strives to improve his vocabulary so that his players understand him better.


The successful coach has the ability to put himself in the shoes of others, in all aspects. He is able to put himself in the place of all his players, one by one to know what he needs at each moment. He is able to see from the perspective of the members of his coaching staff and help them to better develop their work and is able to put himself in the shoes of the rivals, to analyze their pain points and take advantage of them in games.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence seems to have become fashionable in recent years, but it is something that has been around for a lifetime. Being able to analyze your emotions and not get carried away by them is something that successful nba중계 have very integrated.


The successful coach is organized, planner and maintains a strict order in his work. He is very clear about the goal and the steps to success. Within this order he maintains something very important, the ability to be flexible, to rotate in planning if the moment requires it.


The successful coach knows that all of the above skills have a starting engine and this is motivation. He knows his players, knows how to manage emotions and is also capable of analyzing the environment with great skill. With all this, he knows how to motivate his team and his players, which allows him to start the engine that leads him and his players to success.

Therefore, coaches who focus on the training

of child and youth athletes should assign greater importance to the components that define the personal dimension. Athletes at these ages have not yet reached maturity and may present a poorly structured personality, in such a way that the behavior of their coaches is a role model that they can acquire. That is why it is so important that coaches know how to transmit values ​​and healthy lifestyle habits to their players. However, this study has some limitations in the sample, where only the male sex has been chosen, and in the methodology, where a computer program has not been used. For all these reasons, it is necessary to continue conducting research in this line in order to definitively conclude these results.

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