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It’s amazing how today we are looking for the talent that can be the next American Idol, or Pageant Princess or a possible movie or TV star. But have you ever wondered how this possible star began?

That’s the big question I keep asking myself, because I can think of my beginning at the young age of 3-4 as I was lifted to the top of a table to sing a song. Later I competed at the age of 7 to compete in talent shows at the local theater in my hometown. So today as I search for the new stars of today and tomorrow, I ask them the same question? At what age did you realize that this was what you wanted to do, and what things did you do to accomplish it?

Present sun and suns

After my few questions I will ask Dawn Reese to continue with the Lyrics website. But now I’m talking to Sue the mother of Sunn this new rising star.

Gerald Ralston from the Ralston Reese Report

Thanks for talking to me yesterday. Thank you for all the information you have given me. Here is the material you asked for about Sunn. As a rising star, Sunn shines from a very young age. Her love for singing and acting has been a part of her life since she can remember.

Sunan first began her musical career at the age of seven. She has performed in over 20 productions starring such as Dorothy in “The Wiz”, Sandy in “Grease” and Eponine in “Les Miserables”.

Q What was her background, were any members of your family involved in entertainment, and how many brothers and sisters did she have?

We can cover that later but after ten years in theater, Sunn decided to expand her musical skills and break into the music industry.

A She has been recording many CD projects for the last three years.

Q Is she making any of her own material, or is it music by other writers and who has given her help these days?

A Recently, Sunn joined a partnership with Majestic Magnificent to advance his career. Under his management, Sunn recorded a collection of music videos and original songs.

Sunano is now eighteen putting his creative efforts into performing, songwriting and advancing his career.


I want to thank you for this opportunity to lean more on Sunn.Now Dawn Reese will go ahead and ask a few more questions.

I hope this is what you are looking for and if you need me to make any changes, please let me know.


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