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Do you want to start reading Sci-Fi books? If yes, you’re in for a great deal of fun. This is because these books have a lot to offer. Sci-Fi books are going to boost your imagination. These books take you to the fantasy, or cyberpunk world. They can also take you for space operations, and saving of the world. Sci-Fi books are amazing, and gain the attraction of everyone. The interesting things about these books are that they show a vision of the world’s future.

We observe many things that we only read in Sci-Fi books, or watch in Sci-Fi movies. There are many Sci-Fi books available in the market. As a new reader, you might not know where to start from. You might also be looking for the best books that increase your interest. Here we share some great books in this article. These books are great to start with the reading of Sci-Fi related topics. These books grab your interest, and take you to the world of imagination. So what are you waiting for? Read the article and start your journey of imagination.

List Of Best Sci-Fi Books:

Under the Skin: Michel Faber

This book is about aliens who travel on earth to lead people to their deaths. Michel expresses the feelings of an alien in a beautiful manner through this book. He writes the experiences in such a way that they make you imagine. You may, as a new reader, find it difficult to read. But the novel takes your nerves, and doesn’t let go of your attention till you complete it. The elements of this novel are touchy and amazing. It also shows the picture of our behaviours with one another. So this novel is great for reading Sci-Fi books as a start.

Jurassic Park: Michael Crichton

Jurassic Park is a great, thoughtful, and classic Sci-Fi book. “Jurassic World”, a giant media franchise, is the evolved form of this book. This book is an awesome work of Crichton. This is because he describes the dinosaurs in a great manner within it. You can imagine the dinosaurs even without watching the Jurassic World series. If you watch Jurassic world series, you can assume the worth of this book. Apart from that, it doesn’t matter whether you watch the film or not. But if would help if you read this great Sci-Fi work. It will definitely boost your interest for reading Sci-Fi books.

Children of Time: Adrian Tchaikovsky

According to a dissertation writing service, children of time is a vast book about dangerous situations of work. Earth is dying, and people are leaving the earth. They are planning to save the remaining humans, and flourish them somewhere else in the universe. But they don’t know how they can do it. Adrian writes in an awesome way, and grabs the interest of the reader. He builds all the characters in a way that interests the reader. He infuses a fragrance of humanity in every character. All his characters, as well as the storyline is interesting. You connect with every character, and don’t consider them hostile in the novel. You get a lot of themes in this book like AI, legacy, beliefs, and discovery.

Lord of the Rings: J.R.R. Tolkien

The Lord of the Rings is an epic display of story-writing. It takes you on a long quest. Tolkien builds a fantastic character in this novel. The storyline roams around the hobbits. Frodo, with his friends, goes on a quest to destroy the ring of power. The essence is that they want peace on the earth. This amazing work also engaged millions of people in the form of movies. It can be called one of the best Sci-Fi books that everyone must read.

1984: George Orwell

It is great to work, and match current situation of the world. “1984” is about the future, where the Government watches all activities of the people. This book covers important themes like nationalism, censorship, and technology within it. The reader finds it relevant to today’s situation. Everyone has concerns about their privacy these days. This classic work reflects the present situation in a great way through this context. “1984” gets your interest if you have any concerns about the use of technology in modern times.

Stranger in the strange land: Robert A. Heinlein

Stranger in the strange land is an interesting book. Its storyline is both amazing, and different. Valentine Michael Smith visits Earth from Mars in this story. He amazes western cultures with his superpowers. He also claims that he has the ownership of Mars. This aspect becomes valuable for the people of earth as result. The Government of earth also considers him a great resource, and as someone who can help them. This book shows how to challenge the social norms of society as well.

2001: A Space Odyssey: Arthur C. Clarke

It covers the story of two astronauts in space. Their lives are in danger because of their computer. It starts showing jealousy from humankind. This story is also different, but interesting. You can find how intelligent people take care of artificial intelligence through this book and learn about it as well.

The Hunger Games: Suzanne Collins

It is the story of a girl who takes part in The Hunger Games. The fighters of different districts fight with each other to survive. They fight till the last person remains alive. The girl in question faces her love at the end in a fight for survival. It is a great story that shows the appeal of revolution in youngsters.


Reading is a good habit. People of all age groups like to read books. Every person has different likes and dislikes. Most people love to read Sci-Fi books. But due to a large number of books, they don’t know what they want to read. We shared some great Sci-Fi books within this article. Readers can start reading from these books to get a dose of fictional worlds. These books broaden their imagination, and also share great information with them. Many Sci-Fi movies take the stories from Sci-Fi books. Watching the movies is fun, but you view the imaginations of others through them, which is not so interesting. Yet when you read the book, you create your imagination about that subject. In short, readers have to read these Sci-Fi books and enhance their imaginative capabilities.

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