February 20, 2024
After an extended search, KIRO Newsradio, 97.3 FM, has officially announced the addition of two new shows to its weekday lineup.

After an extended search, KIRO Newsradio, 97.3 FM, has officially announced the addition of two new shows to its weekday lineup.

Jack Stine and Spike O’Neill will permanently host the noon-3 p.m. time slot. “The Jack and Spike Show” starts Monday, August 14.
Jake Skorheim will host “KIRO Nights” starting today, Monday, August 7.

After the death of long-time host Dori Monson in late 2022, KIRO Newsradio announced they would start the process of finding a new show for its noon-3 p.m. time slot.
After using a variety of interim hosts to cover the slot during the search, Stine and O’Neill were asked to host the slot on an interim basis in February. Now they officially have the job full time.
Skorheim is a new addition to the KIRO Newsradio show lineup.
“I’m thrilled about these new shows, and I hope our audience will be too,” said Bryan Buckalew, Director of News and Talk Programming at Bonneville Seattle. “Listeners can expect dynamic conversations based on the top news stories of the day, keeping our community informed and entertained.”
Stine got his start in podcasting and YouTube before joining KIRO Newsradio in 2020 as a fill-in host. He took over KIRO Nights in 2021, which he produced himself, and took that show to #1.
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O’Neill has been hosting KIRO Nights starting in August 2022 as he transitioned into covering the interim midday slot. Spike has been a Seattle radio fixture since the 1990s. He was a co-host on the Bob Rivers Show on KISW, KZOK and KJR-FM for 25 years, where he served as sportscaster, writer, impressionist, interviewer, and commenter.
“Jack and Spike have good chemistry and a keen sense of humor. They do a great job of blending informative discussions with lighthearted banter,” Buckalew said in a separate statement to employees. “In an era marked by divisiveness, Jack and Spike emphasize common ground over polarizing debates. Their show demonstrates the power of dissecting complex issues rather than simply magnifying superficial differences.”
“KIRO Nights” is also getting a new host, Jake Skorheim, a long-time fixture at KIRO Newsradio having previously worked at Bonneville Seattle in 2008 as a producer for “The David Boze Show” on KTTH, and from 2009 to 2016 produced Dori Monson’s show.
“I couldn’t be more excited to have Jake back in the building,” Buckalew said in a separate statement to employees. “He is thoughtful, creative, and has a great sense of humor. I look forward to listening as Jake develops his distinct voice and builds an audience across a diverse range of digital platforms.”
Cathy Cangiano, Sr. Vice President and Market Manager of Bonneville Seattle, noted she is enthusiastic about the additions to the permanent team.
“We are excited to have Jack, Spike, and Jake join our KIRO Newsradio lineup,” Cangiano said in a news release. “They are all talented personalities who will provide our listeners with the best in local news, information, and entertainment.”
Contributing: L.G. Gilbert, Steve Coogan, Bill Kaczaraba
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