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Theft, illicit use, damage, falls, there are many causes of potential problems that could affect your tablet device. If you have chosen a quality tablet, the price is high and the damage too. Better to run for cover, buy more resistant cases or take out insurance. Kasko is better.


Legislation and supply are still limited. From the point of view of insurance coverage, Italy is suffering from a delay that prevents it from satisfying real needs and requirements and from creating new markets.

While any failures produced by malfunctions attributable to the product are covered by warranties lasting two years there are no contractual regulations of the manufacturer that serve to find adequate compensation in case of theft suffered or damage caused to your device. The only solution, to avoid paying out of your own pocket, is to take out an Att insurance policy, as is done for other technological devices and household appliances.


The need to protect yourself with an insurance policy is not for everyone. Market surveys such as that of Finaccord indicate the number of Italians willing to spend money to ensure their technological gadgets at 29%. Other investigations such as that of Assurant Solutions then indicate as priority needs those of rapid replacement (can you imagine an average Italian without his smartphone and/or tablet?) Of the stolen or damaged device and data backup.

The survey involved 700 Italian consumers to understand their attitude and their experiences regarding MDI (Mobile device insurance) policies, i.e. coverage against accidental damage, theft, or loss of mobile equipment such as tablets, cell phones, smartphones, and PCs. Only 7% of the population has coverage of this type in Italy (20% in France and the United Kingdom). 60% of those who have taken out an insurance policy did so when they bought the mobile phone at the point of sale and 76% own a smartphone.

The choice is strongly influenced by the type of use of the device. 78% of those who have taken out a policy tend to renew it. The analysis of the reasons indicates that 67% of the panel interviewed did it for peace of mind or for fear of accidentally losing or damaging the device.

In a previous article, we reported how in other countries numerous insurance companies had prepared proposals in line with the needs of consumers who own tablets and smartphones.

Since then the offer has also changed in Italy.

Let’s try to account for this by collecting in this document the proposals available found on the internet.


In addition to two assistance services, One Service Free and One Service, Vodafone also offers insurance for an additional paid assistance service called   One Service Kasko. The service offers coverage of both functional defects and accidental damage 2, the free Alert service via SMS or e-mail to be quickly informed when assistance is completed and, if available, the courtesy telephone provided free of charge for the duration of the assistance intervention.

The contract, lasting 36 months, can only be signed on the new terminals (telephones, Pocket Office terminals, and Vodafone Mobile Connect Card) purchased through the Telephone Solution, Telephone Installment, Rechargeable Installment, and Cash Solution or requested to rent and you can activate One Service Kasko no later than 30 days from the date of purchase of the terminal 3.

For companies that have subscribed to at least 10 SIM cards, the Home Assistance service is provided, at an unchanged fee, which provides for the delivery of the new mobile phone with the simultaneous collection of the faulty one directly at the company headquarters 5.

The cost of the One Service Kasko fee varies according to the installment of the terminal purchased.


The TIM insurance for the protection of TIM smartphones and tablets is called ‘Always Safe’ and is available both in Italy and abroad starting from a cost of 29 Euros per month, valid for one year.

It is added to the legal guarantee of conformity and offers the replacement of the Smartphone (including the SIM) or TIM Tablet and delivery in just 2 working days. The insurance covers theft, damage (including accidental damage from falling into the water and/or breakage of the display, and malfunction (including technical failures).

For each replacement, an additional fee is payable starting from € 30 depending on the product.

In addition, Always Safe protects your data with McAfee software and includes backup and restoration of personal data (address book, SMS, and photos); localization of your Smartphone and Tablet, and possible remote blocking and deletion of data; antivirus and blocking risky websites. Data protection is only compatible with the Android, Symbian, or Blackberry system.

The ALWAYS SAFE service can be activated in TIM Stores together with the purchase of a new TIM Smartphone or Tablet.

Always Safe provides, depending on the Smartphone or Tablet purchased by the Customer (in cash or in installments), differentiated costs starting from 29 Euro

Orange Security Basic

The insurance offered by Orange Communications SA is an additional option when taking out a subscription for a mobile phone, smartphone, or tablet. The company has been operating in the Swiss telecommunications market since June 1999. As of 29.02.2012, Orange is 100% owned by Matterhorn Mobile SA.

The proposed insurance serves to protect the device from any theft, fraudulent use, and accidental damage at a cost of seven Swiss francs per month.

There are some conditions: the theft must be proven. If it is, the device is replaced with an identical model (or another of equivalent value) within 10 days; in the event of proven theft that has given rise to illegal use, the costs incurred for unauthorized calls are reimbursed, up to a maximum value of CHF 1500; in case of accidental damage, the device will be repaired within 10 working days and if the damage is not repairable, we will replace it with an identical model (or another of equivalent value)

This insurance is valid for Switzerland and is mentioned here for the many compatriots who work and/or live there.

Large-scale distribution insurance

Large retailers are also thinking of trying to satisfy the needs of consumers. For tablets and smartphones, it is easy to be offered insurance policies to be added to the assistance services included in the compliance and conventional guarantee usually included.


Saturn offers different types of services in the form of poòozze to be subscribed. They are different in terms of coverage and costs.

We point out two:

Safe Cell Protection is a policy, offered in collaboration with Sai Fondiaria through SPB Italia, which can be purchased together with mobile phones, Smartphones, and PdaPhone exclusively for customers holding loyalty cards. It offers product protection from theft, accidental damage, and fraudulent use of the SIM card for the first 12 months from the date of purchase of the product.

Safe Cell Gold Protection: is a policy, offered in collaboration with Mondial Assistance, which can be purchased together with mobile phones, Smartphones, and PdaPhone exclusively for customers holding loyalty cards.

It offers product protection from theft, accidental damage, and fraudulent use of the SIM card for the first 12 months from the date of purchase of the product and protection, for the duration of 24 months from the expiry of the Legal Guarantee of conformity, against failures. or malfunctions of the product itself.


Mediaworld also offers the Safe Cell Protection policy offered in collaboration with Sai Fondiaria through SPB Italia, which can be purchased at the same time as mobile phones, Smartphones, and PdaPhone exclusively for our customers who hold loyalty cards.

Also available for Saturn is the Safe Cell Gold Protection version, a policy offered in collaboration with Mondial Assistance, which can be purchased together with mobile phones, Smartphones, and PdaPhone exclusively for our customers who hold loyalty cards.

Insurance companies

Many insurance companies have included new policies in their product portfolios to cover theft and damage to smartphones and tablets and take advantage of a potentially rich and promising market.

Allianz Global Assistanc

Allianz’s proposal is called Safe Mobile and is an insurance policy that insures your mobile phone for one year against possible accidental damage, theft, or fraudulent use of your SIM card.

The smartphone insurance, once the policy is taken out, will be active after 60 days.

The guarantee must be activated within 90 days from the date of purchase of the mobile phone and cannot be renewed when it expires.

Mobile insurance provides compensation for material and direct damage caused to the insured device for damage resulting from:

  • Robbery, theft, burglary, and/or break-in
  • Accidental damage
  • Fraudulent use of the SIM card

Assurant Solutions

Assurant Solutions is a company of the Assurant Inc. Group, a leader specializing in insurance products and related services that operates in selected markets around the world.

Assurance’s insurance proposal seeks to reconcile the various insurance components and ancillary services linked to a mobile device, distinguishing the physical device from the data contained therein and creating an insurance product linked to the mobile device (mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, or personal computer) with a set of ancillary services related to data protection (lock & wipe, data back up, etc.).

The offer may include extended protection of the manufacturer’s warranty over 24 months with a specific program and the addition of a whole series of covers studied ad hoc such as theft, accidental damage intended as both aesthetic damage, functional damage, or damage from oxidation.

In the context of accidental damage, a whole series of events can be included and, in addition, also specific coverage in the event of a loss: all modulated in an absolutely personal way according to the quality of the package signed by the consumer. The offer is proposed to the consumer through commercial partners: real telephony operators, virtual telephony operators, and specialized resellers.

Assurant Solutions Mobile Device Insurance offers coverage of Mobile devices in case of failure, accidental damage, theft, and loss, plus protects data and offers terminal replacement, with a courier delivering the replacement equipment directly. at the user’s home.


The ‘kasko’ insurance for theft, illicit use, and accidental damage are not mandatory but if the device purchased is of high bundles and costs more than 500 euros, perhaps you can also do it a little thought. In any case, the decision will be determined by the personal motivation that depends on the sensitivity of the individual consumer, also conditioned by his personal IT culture.

Having insurance coverage available to mitigate the risk of sensitive data loss is something important for today’s users.

The economic side and the cost of insurance coverage available on the market are generally low and could favor the underwriting of Mobile Device Insurance policies to protect the mobile device in use.

However, it is better to always carefully check the conditions and the ability of the insurance company or operator to honor the contract.

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