Important factors while selecting the best school for your child?

best boarding school in india

Education is a fundamental right of your child. A parent’s primary job is to guarantee that their children receive the finest education possible. Your child’s destiny might be determined by the school they attend. The most crucial decision you must make as a parent is selecting the best school in Delhi for your child. To put it another way, finding a school that recognises your child’s potential, fosters their abilities, and empowers them to make a difference is crucial.

When you’re narrowing down your options for a school,

  1. Promoting the growth and development of your child is every parent’s primary goal. To achieve holistic development, you need to choose a suitable location. Best boarding schools are located in serene environments, with adequate security. This will ease your worries about the safety of your child, while they enjoy the environment. Your child should attend a school with a healthy learning environment and supportive teachers that assist children in developing positive values.

Children need to be taken care of to prosper in an environment. The school policies should include anti-harassment campaigns too. Such campaigns teach children how to be respectful and kind towards their peers. The school must focus on the pupils’ well-being while also making children feel safe.

Furthermore, the school must offer cutting-edge infrastructure and well-equipped learning facilities that are specifically designed to meet your child’s educational needs. Admitting your child to the best boarding school in India will motivate and educate your child to excel in life.


  1. You need to decide which curriculum suits the needs of your child. Ideally, you should choose an integrated curriculum that emphasizes the child’s whole development rather than rote learning. You certainly want the curriculum to focus on providing the child with the necessary life skills for the twenty-first century. Empathy, decision-making, stress management, and emotional management are all critical skills for preparing a youngster for the road ahead.

In addition to academics, the school you choose should emphasize indoor and outdoor sports activities. Physical activity completes the development of the kid.


IGCSE board schools are internationally recognised. The board is recognised not only by the world’s finest institutions but also by a number of prominent corporations as a symbol of distinction and competence.


Students from some of India’s greatest IGCSE schools can go on to study at some of the world’s best institutions.


The best boarding school in India ensure that pupils have vital skills, such as creative thinking and problem-solving ability, because of their high-quality exams and inquiry-based learning method. IGCSE is a well-balanced curriculum with a variety of study options. Students can choose between core and extended curricula for most IGCSE topics.


  1. A school should focus on learning and growth and also encourage cutting-edge technology to impart knowledge. Gamified learning and interactive material make the students enjoy the learning process. These would boost a child’s creativity while also keeping them occupied. The outcomes are spectacular when video and multimedia are used in learning to assist real-time instruction. Thus, choose a school that utilizes technology to go above and beyond in offering quality education. Furthermore, since the outbreak of the epidemic, the demand for online learning has skyrocketed. As a result, schools that are technologically proficient or eager to learn and stay up with the trends must be considered.


  1. What is the best curriculum to follow?

Cambridge IGCSE improves performance by fostering creative thinking, questioning, and problem-solving abilities. It’s a great place to start if you want your child to go deeper into your studies. The best school in Delhi provide IGCSE programs for their students, equipping them with the knowledge to match international standards.

  1. Should I send my ward to a boarding school?

Due to the busy schedule of parents these days, they make the tough decision to send their children to a boarding school. Sending your child to the best boarding school in India ensures that they learn to respect elders. Values are instilled in them. They live with their peers and learn how to be independent. Children also learn to take responsibility.

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